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June 09 2011

Gum Disease and How it Starts

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It is advisable to take good care of your teeth if you want to avoid tooth decay and gum disease. If you fail to implement it, they will not last your wellbeing. You will then need a dental treatment to stop the problem from dispersing. A dentist will try to help you get rid of the matter. Before you decide how to treat gum disease, it is crucial you know the main cause. Once you do so, you can work with your dentist to ensure you do not have this same issue again.

The reason And Results of Gum Disease

No matter if you call it gum disease, the cause is simple. This is correct whether it is stage 1 (gingivitis) or stage 2 (periodontitis). The main cause of both kinds is bad bacteria. It grows in the oral cavities. This may be the result of inadequate oral hygiene routines.

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If you fail to brush consistently, rinse with a good mouthwash and/or floss, you leave food particles behind. If your diet is poor and high in sugar, this adds to the trouble. It feeds the microorganisms. Bacteria become cavity enducing plaque. The whitish, sticky plaque becomes tartar. Easy methods are still possible during this period. They may not be if the disease progresses. Smoking and gum disease are also very closely related.

As the trouble of plaque and tartar increase, infection and irritation grow creating further issues. The problem separates and erodes the connecting tissue. Enamel become loose. They may even perhaps fall out.

Treatment For Gum Disease

In stage 1, the dentist will clean your teeth, removing all plaque. He or she will suggest you start a good program of oral hygiene. This requires you brush your teeth daily having a brush with proper bristles. The dentist may also suggest the type of toothpaste and mouthwash. You may choose natural or natural-based toothpaste such as OraMD instead of a commercial product. Combining rinsing, brushing and flossing will help get rid of gum problem. It will even reverse the process.

On the more advanced development, there are no simple cures. You cannot re-grow lost teeth. Chances are you’ll require surgery at the hand of a periodontist. You might want to take antibiotics. Yet, the dentist and surgeon will still request you undertake a process of good oral hygiene. It may not be a remedy to periodontitis, but it is a preventive measure.


The principle cause of any kind of gum disease is bacteria. Bad oral cleanliness boosts the chances of you suffering from the issue. To avoid and, in the early stages not only stop but also reverse the problem, brush, floss and rinse daily.