Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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September 01 2010

Getting white teeth is possible

Teeth whitening has captured the imagination of the public in recent years. Following ABC’s Extreme Makeover television program many patients are coming forward and demanding Zoom! Laser Whitening from their Plano dental office . The Zoom! ™ Chair side Teeth Whitening System was brought to the market place by Discus Dental Inc. In this system the company supplies the dentist with all the materials needed for bleaching: the tooth whitener, the bleaching light, and some of the disposable items needed for treatment.

The older Zoom! ™ whitening system uses a hydrogen peroxide based whitening gel. This product comes as two individual components, a 32% hydrogen peroxide gel and an “activator.” The 2 components are mixed together to form the working gel which is applied to the surface of the teeth. The newer Zoom2 ™ teeth whitening system allows the dentist to choose between 16 or 25% whitener.

Even though it is called Laser whitening, no Lasers are used in reality. The Zoom! System comes with its own white light, that emits a 350-400nm wave that will activate the applied gel, giving the patient that crisp, bright white look. The bleaching light is involved in activation of the “activator” chemical within the whitening gel which according to the company speeds up the process of degradation of the hydrogen peroxide, thereby providing excellent whitening results within one hour. With just (3) 15 –minute applications, the Zoom! system will enhance the peroxide whitener like little else can.

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What are the different steps in the Zoom! Whitening procedure?

  • The pre-treatment shade of the teeth will be recorded to assess the results of the treatment using a Shade-guide. Photographs may also be taken for better comparison.
  • Professional tooth cleaning and polishing should be done before the procedure. Gums must be healthy and all defective fillings must be replaced.
  • Eye protection, cheek retractors, and paint on ‘dental-dam’ is used to protect the soft tissues from the hydrogen peroxide being applied.
  • Once this is set up, your dentist in McKinney, TX will apply the whitener to the teeth.
  • The gel is activated using the light source.
  • After the prescribed amount of time, the gel is removed, fluoride is applied, and the post shade measurements are taken.
  • At home teeth whitening may be prescribed by your Frisco teeth whitening dentist for regular touch ups in between appointments. The treatment is continued until a satisfactory shade is achieved.