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November 23 2010

Getting the teeth you want in one day

Have you ever heard of “Teeth in a day?” It sound like a sales pitch, but there is truly a dental practice that can replace missing teeth in one day.

‘Teeth in a day’ refers to the implant procedure that deals with placing immediate loading implants. These are Arlington TX dental implants which are anchored into the jaw bone, and bonded to a crown tooth right away. This means you can start chewing normally on the implant within a few days. It used to be that implanted teeth would need to be fused with the surrounding bone, and this could take 3 to 6 months. Patients receive a crown only after integration is complete. Most patients are not willing to spend that amount of time waiting to get the tooth / teeth. But most dentists were not willing to place ‘Immediate loading’ implants in fear of failure, because studies at the time showed a dismal success rate for Immediate loading implants.

But with better implant materials and improved surgical techniques the failure rate for these implants has gone way down. The overall success rate is high, and with a healthy patient with no systemic or dental contraindications, you can enjoy good results. Today, the entire jaw is scanned with 3-D CT to accurately assess the level of remaining bone. Using computer software and surgical stents, the implant is guided in with high precision. With 3D imaging and CAD CAM technology the crown can be designed and prepared so that it is ready to be affixed at the same time the implant is. If the surround bone and mucosa is healthy, the chances of failure with immediate loading implants are very low. 

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Assuming the surrounding gums are healthy, after a tooth is extracted, the socket is enlarged slightly to accommodate the implant. 

These implants are not advised for people with uncontrolled diabetes or other systemic conditions that contraindicate a surgery. Although it is rare, some patients may have to come back in for some small adjustments here and there. This procedure requires greater skill on the part of your Denton dental implant dentist/Implantologist than other implant procedures.

Check with Dr. David Dennison, an oral surgeon and sedation dentist in Houston TX, to see if he is able to provide this procedure for you. Some dentists do not advise this while others swear by this radical method. Normally 2 visits may be required, even if it is called “teeth in a day.” The first visit usually consists of case history taking and detailed examination followed by a couple of tests to check your health status. Even though the next visit may seem cumbersome, most patients have experienced little or no pain, and with increased success rates the procedure is becoming increasingly popular.