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February 06 2011

Getting all your teeth replaced once and for all

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Warren dental implants typically are anchored into a patient’s jaw bone, and replacement teeth are then placed on top of them. In the past, patients whose jaw bones had been partially resorbed following tooth loss had to undergo surgeries in which bone from elsewhere was grafted into the jaw to create sufficient bone mass to hold the implants. These surgeries added a significant amount of time to the course of treatment, and patients often had to wear dentures in the interim.

Now, the All-on-4 procedure for placing dental implants offers new hope for streamlined treatment to Pittsburgh dental implants patients with some degree of bone loss. This procedure makes the greatest use of the patients bone, and can often avoid bone grafting in order to speed up the process, and still provide a natural looking, effective use of replacement teeth.

The All-on-4 procedure entails the placement of four implants in the front portion of the jaw, also known as the anterior jaw bone.  This part of the mandible is typically more dense than the rest, and will retain much of the bone for longer periods of time.

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The four implants are placed in closer proximity than they would be if the dentist had access to the entire jawbone.  Proper placement will allow the dentist to seat the entire implant tray in such a way that the final look with be uniform and natural. 

After the implants are placed, the implant dentist slides a complete arch of replacement teeth—which resembles an upper or lower denture—over the implants. The arch of replacement teeth features grooves that fit snugly over the portion of the implant that extends above the gum. This fit prevents shifting of the arch.

The All-on-4 procedure eliminates the need for bone grafting, so the implants can be placed during a single appointment. Over time, the implants will integrate into the surrounding bone, and the replacement teeth will look, feel and function just like the real thing. As long as they are well cared for, All-on-4 implants can last for decades after they are initially placed.

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