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February 12 2011

Get Yourself Some Preventive Dentistry

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The first thing paleontologists do upon discovering remains of an ancient human is study their teeth. Why? Because the teeth carry information that helps scientists determines the body’s sex, age and even what diet they had when they live. This goes to show the importance of our teeth and how it transcends even death. This shows that our teeth must have preventive dentistry to ensure that they survive as long, or even longer than we do. 

Have you noticed the trend of newly minted senior citizens having more and more full set of teeth than those ten years ago? Maybe it is because of the advancement of medical technology and sciences that help them keep their teeth well into old age. This is a good thing obviously and is a sign that in the future, maybe the only surgical procedure we will have on our teeth is wisdom teeth removal Melbourne. No more rotten and decayed teeth, just evolution. To take care of one’s teeth is to make sure that they don’t need need emergency dental services. 

They say that our teeth are the only set we have in our lives. Technically that’s not true since we have two sets of teeth in the course of our lives. Milk teeth and permanent teeth. However, what they say about taking care of it is true. Because once your permanent teeth get damaged, then it’s damaged for good. If it gets loose, then it is gone forever. Which solidifies the argument that we must take care of our teeth diligently. Through brushing, flossing and visiting a dentist regularly.  

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Dentists get a bad rap of striking fear in the hearts of men. Which is a myth really. Personally, I once feared dentists, but after awhile I thought that what they do is mild compared to the other treatments or medical routines I get. One example is having a facial. As banal as that may sound, whenever I have one, I get teary eyed literally. Especially when they start cleaning the sides of the nose? The pain is unbearable, that the next time you go to a dentists you will feel that the pain there is really mild compared to the devilish facial. 

What I am saying here is this. Though you might have an irrational fear of dentists, you must visit them regularly for preventive dentistry. You see, once you lose your teeth it is gone. And you wouldn’t want to live your life with a toothless smile right? So visit your dental hygienist regularly and be sure to take care of your teeth by brushing and flossing daily. Your teeth are your pearls. Take care of them. If you need another reason why you should practice proper oral hygiene, heart disease has been linked to dental health.