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December 26 2010

Fresno Dental options: How to choose a Fresno Dentist

Here are 5 questions you should ask a Fresno Dentist before you commit to any Fresno Dental Group:

1) How long have they been in practice ?
You should be seeking a dentist with a good amount of experience in the procedure you are about to have . You should know, if they are new to the procedure by asking: How many of these procedures have you performed ? This is your smile , you don’t want to be a training exercise.

2) May I see “before and after” images of recent patients?
Dentistry is competitive. Remember, you are choosing your dentist , they are not choosing you. He or she needs the business. You will notice many more dentists are offering flexible scheduling and after hours appointments. They don’t do this because they are nice. They do it because they need more patients.

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So, it is not out of the question to simply ask your Fresno Dentist for photos of other successful procedures that are similar to what is going to be performed on you. Ask for before and after shots. Let the Dentist describe the procedure in detail. Ask about risks and timing as well.

3) How long will the procedure take and how many appointments are necessary?
If the Dentist has been in practice for a while , he or she should have a very clear estimation of the time it takes for each step of the procedure . Also, from history they should be able to tell you how many follow up visits it will typically take .

4) What should I expect after the procedure, in terms of soreness, what to watch for, and any limitations? Make sure you are clear on what to expect from the procedure. Ask what symptoms to look for that will be signs of complications. How will you know that the procedure has gone well?

Once you feel comfortable with the Fresno Dentist you are interviewing and their experience and the details of the proposed procedure, you need to ask some questions abouat financing .

5) Do they offer financing and are they flexible in their pricing? Fewer and fewer people have dental insurance . So, if you need some time to pay for your dental procedure, you need to find a Fresno dentist willing to work with you. Remember, you do have choices . It’s also fair to ask up front how much the procedure will cost . Make sure to also ask, how much your insurance will typically cover. If you do have insurance, your dentist will know how much the insurance carrier pays and how much you will need to pay. Ask if they are flexible in their pricing.

Once you feel comfortable with these questions, make sure that appointments can be made working around your schedule – not just theirs.

The Bullard Dental Group offers a comprehensive Free Report to help you make an educated decision when choosing a dentist.