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February 01 2010

Finding the best Prescription Discount Drug Card for you.

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Identifying the best Prescription Discount Drug Card for you.

Even if you have insurance now, It’s still a good idea to get a free prescription discount drug card.
When you buy your next prescription, simply present your insurance card and discount drug card to compare the savings. It will only help you get the most from your hard earned cash.

If you have no  insurance, you can really benefit because it can save you up to 65% off your next prescription purchase.   The  Prescription Discount Drug Card was designed to help people with little or no prescription drug insurance to save money on their prescription drug needs. This includes, but is not limited to, senior citizens, on set monthly income and Medicare; Consultants, business-people who have to shell out their own medical costs; families; university students; and those who’ve recently lost their jobs and benefits and may be struggling financially.

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Additionally, scores of people who have prescription benefits use these card to obtain discounts on drugs not covered by their prescription plan (e.g. weight loss, anti-smoking, and hormone therapy drugs).

Search for a Free Prescription Card that has the following benefits:

Must be  FREE.  Simply Print, Present & Save.
Must be widely-accepted at over 50,000 participating pharmacies, like Wal-Mart, Walgreen’s, Costco Pharmacy, K-mart, and numerous national, regional, and Mom and Pop pharmacies nationwide.
Should not have any waiting periods – no deductibles – no pre-existing conditions – EVERYONE QUALIFIES.
Should covers everyone in your immediate family.
Must include pets, several cards can even be used to save cash on your pet’s prescriptions – yes, they can be filled at your area pharmacy too!
Must be extendable to your extended family and relatives; friends and neighbors; staff who go to work for you; fellow students or any person you know that’s struggling with the soaring cost of prescription drugs – and  ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Is this card actually FREE?  How is this possible?

These cards are 100%  free – they are out there.  Pharmacies spend a lot of money in advertising to get your business (if you have not already noticed).  This is the reason, both corporate owned and independent pharmacies are eager to offer negotiated savings to companies capable of driving more patrons through their establishment.  As  a Prescription Discount Drug Card holder, you gain instantaneous access to these savings.

If your interested in obtaining such a Discount Prescription Card go to and print and save today.