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October 10 2010

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The root canal is a narrow canal within the roots of all teeth that conveys the nerves and blood vessels to the tooth. When this canal is compromised, and the nerves and blood vessels get infected or start to die, they must come out and be replaced with a filling of some kind, typically gutta-percha. This procedure is called a root canal treatment, or more commonly, a “root canal.”

This procedure is performed by many Fort Worth dentists, including the dental team at Cosmetic & Family Dentistry,, or endodontists, dental specialists trained to perform root canal treatments. 

The dentist will conduct a thorough examination of your mouth to determine the exact cause of the pain or swelling. He will then conduct pulp vitality tests to determine the health of the pulp in the tooth. Radiographs of the tooth will be taken to determine any infection of the roots of the teeth in the form of a dark spot on the x-ray near the roots. Only after a diagnosis has been established, will a dentist in Frisco, TX proceed with root canal treatment.

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Performing root canal treatment is vital to saving the tooth. While bridges and dentures are a functional replacement, nothing beats the original tooth. This is why a root canal and filling is always preferred to pulling a tooth. If the treatment has been a success, the root canal filling will stay for a lifetime. If pulp tissue has been left behind accidentally or if the root canal hasn’t been sealed properly from surrounding tissue, the treatment can fail.

People shudder at the thought of undergoing root canal treatment, due to the negative impression garnered by this procedure. Today root canal is done only under local anesthesia. Infection and pain is controlled with the help of antibiotics and pain-killers. Dentists in McKinney also provide sedatives for anxious patients to allow them to undergo treatment comfortably. 


The patient can know if they need a root canal if they are experiencing any:

  • Persistent pain in the teeth and gums
  • Sharp pain while chewing, or drinking hot and/or cold drinks
  • Infections or abscesses in the teeth or gums
  • Broken tooth with exposed pulp or discoloration
  • Extensive tooth decay, or deep cavities