Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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January 12 2010

Find Out if Laser Teeth Whitening is Suited for You

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There are different results and methods, depending on where you go to get your teeth whitening. If you undergo a tooth whitening procedure, a bleaching agent will be applied to your teeth, and lasers will be used to increase the agent’s power and penetrate tooth enamel – and these two procedures are routine in today’s best dental whitening systems. Laser procedures really do make bleaching work better, and you can get a great smile after just one office visit – many other patients have felt this way, too! If you are unsure where to go to get laser teeth whitening, and if you are not aware of how this process works, then you need to read this article. You will gain a deeper understanding about laser tooth whitening sydney by checking out that resource.


Over the counter whitening products have become a popular choice for home bleaching today. You will need to use these bleaching products over weeks, even months, so that you can get the results you want, which are often not as dramatic as you hope for. A good teeth whitening system should also be able to help clear up deep staining, and home products cannot do this. If you want to go after this problem, then you may need laser tooth whitening. You can get your teeth ten shades whiter with just one visit to your dentist! You can have this happen in one session, which will last for about an hour.

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If you need professional teeth whitening done, contact dentists who specialize in cosmetic dentistry. To get the best technology that will work well on your teeth, as well as experience in doing all these procedures, you have to consult such specialists. If you want the services of a cosmetic dentist, then consult with your family dentist, or talk to family and friends who have experienced cosmetic dental treatments.


Plaque deposits in your gum line and teeth can interfere with whitening systems, so the first step is removal of these by your dentist when you first arrive for your whitening appointment. Following cleaning, your dentist will coat your teeth with a gel made of hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide gel is then subjected to laser light treatment with a light source, which allows the gel to push deep into the tooth surface more efficiently and effectively. The entire process often takes one hour to get done. Most patients sometimes do not need to go back for more sessions. Go to this site for further information on sydney teeth whitening.


Severe staining can be hard to remove, and certainly not in a single session of dentist teeth whitening, so do not keep your hopes and expectations too high. You may also opt to buy a touch up kit from your laser dentistry professional, who may offer it to you after your whitening session. If you get such a kit, you can use it for touching up areas of your teeth that may get stained again when you get home. It may be necessary to have some touch ups done constantly, and some offices may offer a lifetime treatment option that can allow you to get these touch ups. This ensures that you can have the whitest smile, with little cost and time involved on your part.


Ever since it began, teeth whitening has been changing constantly, and it is different today than it was when it first started. Many patients are satisfied by today’s whitening procedures, which can occur quickly and can give great results almost immediately. Some dental offices even offer options in terms of financing so that you can afford the procedures. Talk to a specialist in whitening systems for more information if you would like to have that better, whiter smile that makes you shine.