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March 29 2010

Fight Bruxism with Teeth Grinding Mouth Guard

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Bruxism refers to the action of unintentionally constricting your jaw during slumber and moving the lower jaw in one direction as you move the upper jaw in the opposing direction. This action causes the teeth to scrape or grind against one another. Bruxism impacts people of all ages and this condition can begin without warning. In most cases the person is not even aware that they are grinding their teeth until they start waking up with jaw pain or someone close to them notices and tells them. There are no specific causes to this condition, however some doctors have been able to see a connection between stress and anxiety levels and the onset of Bruxism.

Often as the person grinds away, the tongue and the flesh of the cheek get in the way. Since the sufferer is asleep and acting unintentionally, they continue the action, catching the tongue and cheek as well. The dead giveaway of someone who has bruxism? A throbbing jaw and gouged spots on the inside of the cheeks and tongue. This is yet another reason for people to take breaks from their stress or at least try to bring it down to a minimum. If you’ve already experienced the onset of bruxism, the next step is a trip to your doctor or dentist. Teeth grinding mouth guards such as those available from Nightguardlab are the standard protocol for bruxism. This is the first line of defense once the patient has begun nighttime teeth grinding.

The mouth guard, such as those available from Nightguardlab, is worn at night to cover the teeth, protecting them from the harmful effects of grinding.  At minimum, any grinding you’re doing will merely wear down the plastic teeth grinding mouth guard rather than your permanent teeth. You can avoid the pain and expense of broken or chipped teeth. However, mouth guards are not the only treatment and are often used in conjunction with other methods. Bruxism sufferers are often asked to take muscle relaxers prior to laying down to go to sleep. Popping one or two of these prescription medications can be useful in treating bruxism.

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Using these medications will help the muscles in the jaw and face be more relaxed while the patients sleep and it will also enhance how much the night mouth guard will work. Dental company Night guard lab say that the mouth guard is like an insurance piece that will help in both the prevention and the protection needed during the overnight hours. Some people have found great success using anti-anxiety medication. This solution is particularly helpful for people who suffer from very high stress levels or are living with some form of an anxiety disorder.

These medications help to keep them calm and will also address the issue of relaxing their muscles. It should be noted that, for some people, the condition never completely goes away and some sufferers find that they continue to deal with it, regardless of lifestyle changes that are implemented. We’re all unique. Physicians must investigate options to alleviate as many side effects of bruxism for their patients as humanly possible. This holds true for all patients because most of them will have to deal with this the rest of their lives.