Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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February 02 2010

Facts About Teeth Whitening – Demystifying Teeth Whitening

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Despite the long presence of this practice, many of us still don’t know the real process as well as every essential contained and involved in it. Just like any other processes, teeth whitening are not a panacea for all of those who were suffering from teeth discoloration. This is the most common misconception regarding this procedure. In other words, whitening the teeth is simply not just for everyone. Your dentist is the one who can verify if the process itself is good for you and what process fits for you. These helpful pieces of information or facts can help you out in understanding the said process altogether.

Helpful Facts (everything about the process):

  • Doubtful if anything goes wrong with the process, you may ask if the damages can be covered by dental insurance policies. Well, not all procedures involved in whitening the teeth can be, and is covered by dental insurance policy
  • The whole process can only whiten the teeth. Meaning it cannot whiten all other tooth modifications like colored tooth fillings, veneers, crowns and bridges in general.
  • Brushing your teeth with your favorite fluoride toothpaste is simply whitening the teeth and cannot in any way be considered teeth bleaching because these two procedures are different in any way.
  • Not all teeth discoloration is caused by food residues and stains. Other causes may involve too much chemical exposure of teeth like tetracycline and other antibiotics. This is to signify that no teeth whitener can have the same result on all levels and types of discolored teeth.
  • Though all tooth whitening procedures were meant to be safe, undesirable damage to teeth and other parts of the mouth, as well as common side effects like gum and lip irritation as well as teeth sensitivity are to be expected.
  • Teeth cavity serves as a passageway for any foreign material in getting inside the more sensitive inner layer of your tooth. This ought to be filled first or “repaired” prior to undergoing the actual process of whitening your teeth using clinically prepared elements like hydrogen peroxide.
  • Take-home teeth whitener kits acquired over the counter is essentially less effective compared to those kits acquired from dental professionals. Hydrogen peroxide which acted as a bleaching agent is highly concentrated on kits coming from the dentists themselves.
  • Having gum infections or disease automatically exempts you from undergoing the process.
  • The longevity of the whitening effect in your teeth highly depends on your habits. Teeth-staining beverages should be avoided after having your teeth whitened to have at least a longer desirable effect.
  • It should be practical to undergo dental cleaning first to have an effective teeth whitening session.

Now that you are aware of the whole process, you can start planning your next dental visit. This factual knowledge can greatly aid you in materializing your teeth whitening decision. If anybody can wear a great smile, so are you.

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