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June 01 2010

Expert Opinion on Getting Wisdom Teeth Pulled

A lot of patients discuss about wisdom teeth removal. For some individuals, this is a very crucial and essential option to take. People wonder though if this automatically means that everyone else who develops these molars should mull over extraction. Dentist Melbourne specialists don’t share similar opinions.

Extraction may often be an obvious solution to wisdom teeth problems. This is because these molars may really cause uncomfortable problems for patients. One common reason to have them taken out is misalignment and crowding. Their growth could slowly push other teeth into different positions. Patients who want to avoid eventually having thorough misalignment consider extraction.

Developing badly aligned teeth is not really the top reason to get wisdom teeth removed. There is also a possibility that molars could get impacted. This condition is marked by molars not coming out completely or not growing out of the gums. You should take this situation seriously since impacted teeth could become the prime spot for bacteria to breed. As most people already know, bacteria can cause bad breath, tooth decay and infections. Impacted molars can also lead to cyst formation.

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The last molars don’t immediately cause trouble. In a lot of people, they just sit around for a long time before problems start to occur. Of course, there are also individuals who don’t develop dental issues at all. This has led some people to think that having wisdom teeth pulled is not a necessity for all. If they aren’t causing trouble, then perhaps they should be left alone. This does seem to make sense.

Some dentists will indeed keep away from your molars. There are also some people though who think that harmless wisdom teeth still need to be extracted. This is based on the idea that the molars are highly likely to cause issues in the future. If patients wait too long, age could make removal very difficult. While patients are still young, some dentists suggest immediate extraction.

In general, teeth extraction is a straightforward, safe and uneventful procedure. Be aware though that extraction is still a dental process and therefore comes with certain risks. One very common risk is possible injury to the other parts of the oral cavity. Nerves and tissues could get damaged if molars are particularly difficult to reach. Of course, infections could also develop from a botched up procedure. After extraction, you may have to deal with pain, not just in your mouth but in your head and face too.

Should you then ask for your wisdom teeth to be removed? The decision depends a lot on what your dentist thinks. If you are not sure what to believe, you can opt to ask for several expert opinions. In general though, it is fairly safe to follow that your dentist suggests if you are sure that he is a highly qualified and trustworthy expert. Check the extent of your dentist’s experience in molar assessment and extraction.

You may or may not be a candidate for wisdom teeth removal. It’s hard to tell by yourself though if you need to undergo the procedure or not. It’s important to get expert opinion because you could be one of the numerous people who do need help.