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October 28 2009

Exceptional dental care in Charlotte

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Looking for the best dental service means also trusting your dentist. You must decide which clinic offers the best dental service. In North Carolina, finding a reliable Charlotte dentist will no longer be in vain. The Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne provides top of the line dental services that no average Charlotte dentist could provide.

Led by the prominent and award-winning Charlotte dentist, Dr. Robert Harrell, voted as top dentist by Charlotte Magazine for two consecutive years, the clinic provides a patient with “exceptional care, comfort and results.

The Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne has earned an excellent reputation and customer loyalty in Charlotte.

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Harrel said he had established a reputation for delivering one-on-one patient care and excellent customer service.

The staff and members of the Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne are chosen well for their knowledge and years of experience. Dr. To keep himself abreast with the advances in dentristry, Harrel said he spends at least 50 hours a year to study.

According to him, he wanted to provide the highest standards when giving treatment with his patients by giving them the latest technology available.

The dental clinic, which is one of the exceptions in Charlotte cosmetic dentistry, is also using the best dental materials and laboratories—no cutting of corners.

“We make sure that whatever we do for you, that it is conservative, predictable and long lasting,” says Dr. Harrell.

No person should suffer from a broken smile with all the advancement in the field of Dentistry.

Dr. Harrell explains that with the technological innovations in Dentistry, a person need not suffer because of a badly deteriorated tooth.

He added it was now possible to rehabilitate even teeth that have been damaged by age or wear and tear. At Doctor. Harrell’s dental clinic in Charlotte, they perform safe and exceptional full mouth reconstruction that will rebuild your smile.

Even hard-to-fix tooth placements and gums can now be replaced because of the advances in technology through cosmetic dentistry. Nothing is impossible now with the digitally and technologically backed dental services of the Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne.

One of the patients of the Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne is Charlotte resident, Carlton, who wants to fix the size and spacing of his gums.

“It is not easy to choose whether this Charlotte dentist is trustworthy enough to be your cosmetic dentist.  That was before I met Dr. Harrel and other dentists at Ballantyne,” he said.

Carlton wants a cosmetic dentist, who has the capability and digital technology advancement that his peers in the field of dentistry currently do not have.

“After I previewed my digital smile preview, I knew it was what I wanted and Dr. Harrell and his team at the Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne made it a reality for me,” confides Carlton, who was able to trim down the size and spacing of his gums and teeth and now has the perfect smile.