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August 03 2010

Effective Means To Prevent Tooth Decay

Tooth decay has been a prevalent dental problem among kids, but it also affects a majority of adults. If you go and ask any dentist, he would probably say that one of the top concerns people consult to him has something to do with tooth decay. To have tooth decay is to experience great pain, one that can truly change a person’s mood in an instant. You have probably experienced one and it is something you do not want to wish even on your enemy, should you have one. Dentists have been bombarded with the question, how can you prevent tooth decay? The answers, as always, are really quite simple.

For so many years, dentists just like Dr. Jonathan Hartley of Melbourne, they have been advocating that people should brush their teeth as often as possible. How often? Twice a day is the norm but actually it is preferred if you can brush your teeth after every meal. This way you immediately get rid of the small pieces of food stuck between your teeth and you also prevent the quick build up of bacteria in your mouth. Because when you combine bacteria and food scraps, tooth decay is not far behind.

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But the thing is, if we do not brush our teeth as often as we should, it is not only tooth decay that we might get. We can also get some gum diseases and gingivitis. And let us not forget halitosis, which is more commonly known as bad breath. That is something we certainly do no want to get because even the smell of our own morning breath makes us rush to the bathroom and brush our teeth.

Here some of the ways that Dr. Jonathan Hartley recommends that you do to help prevent tooth decay, gum infection and other common dental problems.

Just to reiterate the importance of it, brushing our teeth is at the forefront of our battle against tooth decay and cavities. But it is not enough. We should also be flossing our teeth as this is more effective in removing the small bits and pieces of food that usually get stuck in between our teeth. Because if we just leave them where they are, they will eventually cause bacteria to build up faster and for our teeth to deteriorate.

Always brush using fluoride toothpaste and do not buy a toothpaste because it tastes better or promises to make your breath fresher. Because what good is a fresher breath if your teeth are in very poor condition? Fluoride makes our teeth stronger and greatly helps in the fight against tooth decay.

Also, to help your teeth become stronger, you must eat foods rich in calcium. Dairy products quickly comes to mind but also some types of fish, broccoli, and orange juice are good sources of calcium.

However if there is something that we should avoid eating too much of it is carbohydrates and sugar. These usually stick onto the tooth enamel, in turn causing it to weaken and become more prone to cavities. That is why we should stay away from eating too much candies and chips.

And of course we should still visit our dentist regularly to help keep our teeth in ideal condition. Dr. Jonathan Hartley do not recommend that we should only go to the dentist when we start experiencing tooth pain because this is often too late to save the tooth. That is why a regular dental check up is necessary.