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November 29 2011

Easy Tips On Brushing Your Child’s Teeth

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The task of brushing your child’s teeth is really important. Most dentists agree with the fact the habits you help your child form during their young years will stick with them throughout adulthood.

Tips for How to Care for Your Kid’s Teeth

– Never put kids to bed with a bottle. Milk, formula, and juices can erode the tooth enamel while your son or daughter sleeps, causing dental cavities and difficulties.

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– Clean your child’s teeth after every feeding to remove liquids and food particles that can bring on tooth decay.

– Take advantage of a non-fluoride tooth paste until your youngster is mature enough to be trusted to not swallow the tooth paste.

– Make brushing fun for the kid with kid-friendly products and oral care games.

– Though your child might be tired or in a big hurry, make certain they brush their teeth.

– Make use of a soft bristle toothbrush or finger brush head to avoid injury to your kid’s gums.

– Get a toothpaste with a satisfying favor for your child. Let him or her pick the flavor instead of choosing one you may think they will like.

– Help your child learn how long they should brush by using a timer.

– Teach your children to sing a song, like Happy Birthday, when brushing their teeth to be sure they are spending ample time taking good care of their teeth each day.

– Carry a portable toothbrush in your kid’s bag or preschool backpack.

– Choose low-sugar foods and drinks when possible.

– Bypass sticky, gummy food items, like taffy and gummy snacks, and encourage kids to choose soft treats instead of suckers and hard candy whenever possible to avoid damaging tooth enamel.

– Let your child use a fluoride mouth wash when they are mature enough to properly swish and spit.

– Provide Nursery Water (bottled water with additional fluoride) if your primary water source does not contain additional fluoride.

– Be certain your daughter or son sees the dentist consistently for checkups and cleanings.

– Call to schedule a dental consultation automatically if you notice any unusual tooth development or dental complications with your child. Early intervention betters your little one’s likelihood of saving their natural teeth.

These tips for how to clean and take care of your kid’s teeth are certainly not all-inclusive. Visit your kids dentist for personalized advice and thorough tips that will make sure your child’s smile is healthy and attractive for a long time.