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September 26 2010

Easy Oral Yeast Infection Treatment Options


If you have got that thick feeling in your mouth – like the sides are stuffed with cotton wool then you are suffering from a Candida outbreak and you will need to get an oral yeast infection treatment ASAP.

Other symptoms that suggest that you may have to look at an oral yeast infection treatment may include;

  • White spots, a white coating or even blisters in the mouth. These may bleed when the tops are scraped off.
  • Halitosis can often be caused by Candida.
  • Small cracks in the corners of your mouth may be caused by an oral infection.

So, how do you get an oral yeast infection?
The Candida yeast is usually content to stay within the lower parts of the digestive system. When you get an overgrowth the fungus spreads through to other parts of the digestive tract like the mouth.

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Unlike some yeast infections it is really important to get an oral yeast infection treatment program going as soon as possible. The mouth is the first line of defense for many of the internal organs. From this point it would be very easy for the fungus to travel to these important organs and cause havoc within them.

How do I prevent an Oral Yeast Infection?

Usually the best advice for preventing a Candida infection is to keep that area clean and dry. Obviously you can’t keep your mouth dry, so you need to keep it as clean as possible, meaning you need to brush twice a day and floss regularly.

For denture wearers, the same applies. Make sure that they are cleaned regularly and that they fit well.

Oral yeast infection treatment options

To regain full health you will need to follow a program that will kill the bad bacteria and restore the balance of good bacteria within the digestive tract..

Here are a few options to get quick relief from your symptoms. Here are some great home remedies for a yeast infection in your mouth

  • Ensure that you still clean and floss regularly
  • Get some colloidal silver and swish a mouthful around in your mouth for around 10 seconds before swallowing.
  • You can eat sugar free yoghurt which will help relieve symptoms and help the good bacteria flourish again.
  • Anti-fungal mouth washes and medicines are often worth a try. Their effectiveness may depend on the strain of the fungus that is affecting you.
  • For straight relief of your symptoms a warm salt water mouth wash is always a good option.

For more oral yeast infection treatment options and to find out how to permanently eradicate the fungus go to