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January 31 2010

Do Something Positive For Your Business With Dental Consulting

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In this day and age it is important for a dentist to have “Dental IQ.” This has to do with knowing the patient, particularly their financial abilities. It has been determined that most patients will complete a treatment plan for 00 or less. However, once the tab goes over the 00 mark patients start to have second thoughts.  This knowledge is important for improving dental consulting.

To understand dental consulting, you must know once the dental health exam has been completed each dentist has his or her own way of presenting the diagnosis to the patient. The suggested treatment plan can be presented. The important ingredient here is to inform the patient of what may or may not happen should the treatment plan not be followed.

Too many dentists assume each patient will complete the treatment plan as prescribed by the dentist. This is why it is so important for the patient to know and understand the consequences if the plan is not followed. What the dentist must realize and fully understand, however, is the fact that just because a patient has a treatment plan it does not mean the patient can or will follow through to completion. There are numerous reasons for this such as money, fear, no dental insurance, and other reasons the patient stops to think about it.

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It has been determined that most patients will agree to a plan of 00 or less. This amount of money will not present too many inconveniences or hardships in comparison to what might happen down the road should the work not be completed. However, once the bill tips over 00 this reduces the odds the patient will comply with the treatment plan – instead stalling or postponing the treatment or even choosing to go to another dentist.

The dentist, therefore, needs to gather some information and learn more about each of his/her patients. It is important to understand, upfront, the concerns the patients has. It is important to know the patient’s situation in regards to finances and if there is dental insurance. This will, in the end, save time for everyone involved.

Dentists are now being educated in ways to deal with these different situations. Other considerations they need to know and understand include evaluating how dentistry will fit into the patients’ life. Will it be an inconvenience or cause problems? The dentist needs to know about their financial abilities, health issues, and so forth. Personal knowledge, such as a newly divorced patient or one that is recently married, a new job, the birth of a baby are all key factors in order to evaluate the patients.

These situations are often referred to by dentists as the “fit factors.” This involves getting in touch with your patient and understanding their overall situation. Once this information has been obtained it allows the dentist to help fit dentistry into the patient’s situation.

Now we have “Dental IQ.” We have a dentist who has learned enough information about his or her patient so that there is an understanding of how dentistry will fit into her or his life. It allows the dentist to know, beforehand, what kind of procedures s/he should follow in the future. The dental practice coaching is important to the success of your business.