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January 26 2010

Do Not Ignore The Benefits of Good Nutrition

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If you are a big fan of diet and nutrition, then this article may contain an interesting bit for you as it gives information on how you can combat and keep gum disease at bay by prudently managing your diet. First on the list are foods that have high fiber content.

These are comprised of foods like whole grains, veggies and fruits that can help boost your immune system. They can help to prevent the growth of bacteria.
These foods are also packed with the necessary vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins C, B, calcium and potassium.

Zinc, iron and magnesium are also some of the vitamins and minerals you need to fight off gingivitis. You may also choose to take supplements as well. Sugars are something you have to keep to a minimum as this is a draw-in for bacteria.

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White flour and fruit juices also make your gums and teeth a potential breeding ground for bacteria. Fruit juices also tend to be a bit more tenacious and cling to your teeth.

You may not have come across any recommendations yet to eat more of green and yellow non-starchy vegetables. Apparently, it’s one of the must-do things in order to prevent these types of problems as well. A certain published study shows that senior men who consumed foods rich in antioxidants were less likely to develop gum disease. The antioxidants specified  were beta-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin. In addition, dairy products were said to increase protection for the teeth as well.

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