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January 18 2010

Discover How To Straighten Your Teeth And Have A Stunning Smile

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For a more natural smile give up the metallic option and try Invisalign instead. Instead of using wires and metal brackets to bring the teeth into alignment, Invisalign uses clear plastic appliances that fit snugly over teeth to bring about the desired result. Adults with crooked teeth find this method very attractive for correcting the faults. This article will provide the basics of the Invisalign process so you can determine if Invisalign is the right choice for you. Read this site if you want braces information.


Align Technology created a kind of revolution in orthodontics in 1999 by introducing Invisalign. Using a series of plastic components this method moves teeth, a step at a time, to the desired position. Clear plastic makes these appliances look good and feel more comfortable than the usual metal braces. They are also removable, allowing orthodontic patients to take out the appliance for eating and cleaning their teeth. For this reason, dental hygiene is never at risk at any time during the treatment.

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Three dimensional simulation is done using a computer to create images of how teeth exist today and how they are required to be positioned using the Invisalign procedure. Having finalized these images it is a relatively straightforward job to create 20 to 30 appliances, one for every stage of the treatment. Each appliance is typically worn for about two weeks before it is replaced with the next. Patients need to get their teeth checked in every four to six weeks for the developments and then the next equipments set is given to them.


Invisalign treatments often do not extend beyond a year for maximum adults. However, the specific amount of time required for an Invisalign treatment varies greatly from individual to individual. Movement related with single appliances will seem negligible but will appear to be excellent when seen collectively for all appliances. Maximum numbers of grownups who use the Invisalign process are highly contented with the outcome. As a person looking for Orthodontist you should visit that site.


Two major disadvantages of the regular metal brackets are that they are not very hygienic in using and they do not look very artistic as opposed to the Invisalign braces. Removal from mouth during brushing teeth and eating is possible for Invisalign equipment. Metal equipments have the tendency to hold food pieces in them and brushing teeth is also difficult with them and this is a major disadvantage. The least time for which the Invisalign appliances must also be kept on is 20 hours out of 24 so that the desired results can be achieved quickly and it should only be removed when the cause is important.


The best feature of Invisalign is that it is very beneficial for patients whose teeth are either over packed or are very far from each other. They are useful in treating overbite, overjet as well as crossbite. Orthodontic treatments at times may be followed by some decline and that is when Invisalign may have to be used. Extrusions and rotations are made achievable when the equipments are improved and therefore are their area of usage.


Metal filled mouth is the last thing the teens in their turbulent age wish for and the best solution for them for this apprehension comes in the form of such appliances which are so invisible. There are teenagers who wish to go for Invisalign and who will be very happy to discover that there is a product in that group that has been especially designed for them. The strength to manage various teen related orthodontic problems is gained from Invisalign Teen which also provides good artistic benefits. There are wear indicators attached with such equipments and they are very helpful for the orthodontist to understand their life.


Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment which should be done very carefully and by an expert only and this is what you need to keep in mind when you decide to go for this procedure. Appliances related to Invisalign may be handled by dentists as well as orthodontists who are authorized for the same. It is important that your doctor must be experienced and qualified in Invisalign and you should check this before you select him for your treatment. Invisalign is something that is very useful for people who want a straighter smile but without going for any of the traditional orthodontic treatments.