Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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September 05 2010

Discoloration? Get dental veneers

Hiding imperfection in your teeth is easy with dental veneers. They can cover up coffee stains, chips, cracks, and small gaps in between teeth like nothing else can. 

Nothing in life is truly perfect naturally, but with a few non-evasive techniques, a person’s smile will appear to be completely transformed into a near perfect smile that will last for about 10 years. 

Historically; dental veneers have been made of ceramics, but new technology has been able to produce a thinner, easier to apply composite material that will last just as long, and be just as effective. Just like your natural teeth, if you want them to look great, and last longer, you will need to stay away from certain foods, and take care of veneers in a similar way. Try to avoid coffee, cola’s, smoking and chewing on hard candy as these are hazardous to any teeth. 

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Composite dental veneers from Advanced Smiles Frisco Dentistry are being used more and more in the area of ‘smile designing’, an emerging practice that helps people ward off dental decay, while enhancing their smile, all at the same time. Unlike a crown, that requires a large portion of the tooth be reduced in order to position the crown correctly, a veneer requires only a small reduction of the tooth. It is these differences that make the overall procedure a much less involved process, and consequently a lot faster. Composite veneers are also much more cost effective to manufacture than the traditional ceramics, and therefore more readily available to more people. Together, the reduced cost their fabrication, and a reduced cost in their application, makes composite veneers a good choice for many people. 

These veneers can be made in 2 different ways; directly or indirectly. To make this choice would depend on the number of teeth that will need attention; how much the teeth need to be altered before the will to be ready to accept a veneer; and the dentist’s skill in applying them.

Using the direct approach, a dentist in Mckinney, TX will simply bond a standard veneer to a prepared tooth right there in his office, in one trip. 

The indirect approach is done by taking a mold of the patient’s teeth, then sensing it out to a dental lab so they can create custom veneers. This is nice because the patient can see what their veneers will look like before they are applied.

No matter what type of veneer you choose, veneers will be able to turn a good smile into a great smile with very little effort. Contact your dentist to find out more about veneers in Plano, TX today.