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May 29 2011

Different Kinds of Porcelain Veneers

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One of the many things that you can do to improve your smile and confidence is to have porcelain veneers. The awe-inspiring improvements it offers on the way people smile can tremendously improve the self confidence of an individual; thereby improving their self disposition as a result of having an excellent facial beauty and smile.

Be aware that that people can opt for either of the two main types of tooth veneers today. The Glamsmile veneer system or the traditional type of porcelain veneers. The traditional system involves revitalizing badly flawed teeth by covering the teeth with porcelain in order to improve its size, shape and whiteness. Veneers come in various types of materials; the highest in quality are the ones made of thin layers of extra fine porcelain that exudes like a natural tooth in its utmost shining glory.

Durabilty is one of the major advantages of porcelain veneer. Thus, you are assured that you will have many more years of enjoyment on its various benefits and advantages. Aside from that, porcelain is also resistant to stain; and it looks natural. Consequently, this type of veneer can blend well with the other natural teeth; making it great in providing all natural smile without people knowing that you have veneers at all.

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However, one major disadvantage of this type of veneer is cost; taking into consideration that it is usually expensive. For this reason, only few people usually opt for this kind of cosmetic dental procedure. Plenty of people may want to have some veneers on their teeth so that they can boost their smile but many of them were deferred because they cannot afford the required investment.

Fortunately, the other type, which is Glamsmile, presents more economical option for those who want to have complete makeover of their teeth. Glamsmile is among the most recent technological breakthroughs in dental world because it can effectively enhance teeth structure and condition without grinding procedures, without using anaesthetics, and more importantly without pain.

On top of that, it usually requires only 2 visits with your dentist to complete the treatment. Furthermore, it is very easy on the pocket compared to the traditional veneer system. Therefore, more people can avail of such dental services as a result of its affordability. Either way, these two options on porcelain veneers offer flexibility for individuals with regards to teeth makeover in order to significantly enhance the way they smile; thereby improving their self confidence.