Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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May 28 2011

Difference between Home Teeth Whitening and Dentist Teeth Whitening

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Celebrities and models are so captivating and attractive with their white and bright smiles. People know the effect of a beautiful smile to others and how this can create a very lasting positive impression. This can be a key to get you that dream job or catch the attention of a romantic love interest. These are just some of the many reasons why people are aiming to enhance their looks and improve their smile.

Achieving whiter teeth will be derived from any of the two top treatments available. Forget about toothpastes, mouthwash and other remedies that promise whiter teeth with regular application. In eliminating teeth stains and discoloration, only two methods are proven to be effective. One is the home whitening kit that you can purchase at a cosmetic dental clinic or local drugstore. The kit will come with whitening gel and teeth guard that you have to apply and wear for about 2-3 weeks every day. Regular application and use of the product can get you 3-4 shades lighter teeth.

For a quicker and more convenient option, you can get a dentist teeth whitening treatment. During the procedure, the dentist will first protect your gums from the whitening substance then he/she will apply the substance on your teeth. Light from a device will be directed on the teeth to stimulate the whitening substance. This will be done repeatedly to achieve the desired results. After the 1-hour procedure, you can already notice the amazing results. Up to 6-8 shades lighter is what you can expect with this kind of treatment.

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Even though both of these methods can give you amazing results, they differ in duration of treatment and home whitening products will need several days of application. Dentist teeth whitening, on the other hand, will only take an hour session. Likewise, costs will vary. The profressional whitening treatment is more costly than home-use products. More risks could be involved with using a home product that will not be supervised by your dentist. People who do not follow precise instructions of application may experience problems like over bleaching, gum irritation and swelling. It is important to be informed before choosing any treatment to avoid any unforeseen challenges.