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May 19 2010

Dentist Listed in Brandon FL

Dentist Brandon, FL is where my search began…how about yours?

Due to a recent job relocation, I recently discovered myself typing out the following: dentist brandon, fl on one of the more popular search engines.

No matter where you call home (or where you prefer to search), you may suddenly discover yourself in a very similar position. I decided to prioritize a few of my notes on this little uprising and pass them along. 

First of all, please allow me say… selecting a new dentist can be a stressful need . When you move into a new town , you’re likely to find yourself in need of a new provider of everything from a tag agency , to obviously… a new dentist. In an ideal situation , you would find and select a dentist right away — but of course, this is not the case for most of us–addmiditaly, it was not the case for me. Most of us, will put off the selecting of a new dentist until we or a loved one, is having some sort of immediate need. In my case, it was the relentless pain of a tooth ache at 4 AM on a yet rainy, Saturday morning.

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My suggestion is don’t delay. Even if it’s not the first thing you do, you should not wait until you’re in painfull need. By taking a few simple steps this week towards selecting a good dentist, you will most likely avoid a very regrettable last minute , sudden selection . If you delay until you have a toothache (or swollen gums), you may regret the lack of planning, when the need arises. Deciding on a dentist, under the urgency of pain, you may find yourself sitting in a chair, mouth wide open, regretting your lack of planning and forethought for your little white food crushing friends . 

What should one keep in mind when locating a new dentist?

Communication: Due to the personal nature of dentistry, finding someone who you will be relaxed discussing avertible issues with, such as; bad breath, gum disease or cavities, can be a very frightening and humiliating experience .


Depending on your dentist and their bed side manner, you may or may not be very happy with your choice. Selecting a dentist who is easy to talk with, sensitive and relatable especially non-judgmental, who fosters a warm and inviting patient environment is needed .

History: It’s compulsory upon your new dentist to take a few minutes to get to know your dental history. If your initial consultation doesn’t include a scrupulous review of your past, and present medical conditions (e.g. disease, allergies and/or other conditions), you would be well -versed to cogitate selecting a different dentist. These causes may have an impact on which procedures are preformed by your dentist when addressing your individual dental needs. By taking the time to evaluate your past and present medical experiences, your dentist is demonstrating that they have your best interest at heart. 

Technology: Over the past few years there have been many new procedures, products and care giving options provided by dentist who keep themselves in the main flow of technology and training. Be sure that your dental provider is engaging you with conversation on the most up to date methods for maintaining your dental health. Don’t forget tooth decay, and many of the associated problems like bad breath and gum disease are preventable, therefore prevention is vital . If your dentist has your best health and vitality as a goal , you will observe the conversation trending toward prevention and information will be provided as to how you will play a pivotal role in the continual protection and up keep of your teeth and gums.

Services: What range of services are offered? Can your dentist assist you with such things as useful cures fo bad breath? Do they offer cosmetic services? What about extractions? By asking these questions up front, you may be able to reduce the need for having several dentist to meet and manage all of your dental needs.

References: Last but not least, don’t be too timid to ask for references and professional associations. When a business is listed with organizations such as the ADA, or other business related associations (such as the BBB or in my case the List of Brandon Dentist from the local Chamber of Commerce) this can add to their (credibility and accountability. If the dentist is unwilling to provide references or is not affiliated with local professional directories, I suggest you continue your search before making your final selection.

Best of luck to you in your hunt  for finding the right dentist and if you are new to this area, welcome to Brandon, FL.


Pat Oneal lives in Brandon, FL and is frequently found working at the Brandon Starbucks & visiting with friends.

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