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January 31 2010

Dental Visit Gone Wrong!

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As children, it is almost an automatic fear to not like or go to the dentist. It is usually an experience we have had in getting a cavity filled or some dental work that seemed painful at the time. However, as we grow up we know this is just a silly fear and eventually get over it. What about when the dentist really does give you a reason to feel that way? Such is the case of Sendi Odom, who went to have a procedure done that hundreds or possibly even thousands have done daily but this particular instance changed her life forever.

It started in the beginning of 2008 with a regular dental visit in which Sendi took the advice to have her wisdom tooth removed and within a few short weeks, this visit would change her life. This visit would lead to a diagnosis of a life of pain and torment, as she had never experienced before and none shoud ever have to. On May 21, 2008 a dentist brutally injured Sendi so much so that now, almost 2 years later, she still has difficulty eating solid foods, she cannot sing in the choir, she can longer homeschool her children, talking and smiling are an effort that must be taken cautiously. Her life consists of every decision to talk, to eat or to smile being followed up by pain medicine.

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During her visit, as you will hear in the video, the assistant openly invited Sendi’s mother to the room. While Sendi was expressing to the dentist that she was experiencing discomfort, her own mother felt the inability to say anything to defend her for fear of being sent out of the room and not knowing what was happening to her daughter. In the course of events that follow, Sendi visited the emergency room about 8 times, and was persistent in her steps to find help. During these visits, help was found through an oral surgeon but the diagnosis was one of pain for life. At this point, all she could do was find someone who knew it was real and was willing to oversee her care. Although they have the pain managed with medicine, she still has to be careful in everything she does.

We invite you to watch this video and see Sendi for yourself and hear her story.  If you wish to contact Sendi you may do so at:

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