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January 21 2010

Dental Procedures Appropriate for Autistic Children

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As the prevalence of autism is obviously on the rise, the medical field, particularly psychiatry and pediatrics keep the movement on autism running with regard to any awareness, caregiving tips, nutrition, and cognitive skills to easily guide parents of autistic children in the parenthood line.  However, in line with the dental hygiene of these individuals could be considered another big challenge for the parents as well.  We are all aware that autistic children are marked by communication disorders, short attention span, and inability to treat others as people.  Dental sessions need proper communication in conveying comfort, signals, refusals, and even pain.

There are various risks that a parent should be thinking of first since an autistic child has certain impairments. Knowing if the dentist has used adequate amount of anesthesia so the child will not feel pain anymore?  Are there any special kinds of dentists who are equipped in conducting dental practices with mentally-challenged people such as autistic children?  These fear and worry-inducing questions most likely harbor the parents’ minds as to how a dental activity will be performed on their special child.

With the presence of sedation and sleep dentistry, which allow the patient to experience levels of reduced anxiety during a dental procedure, providing autistic children the appropriate dental hygiene and session is now a worry-free possibility.  As science is now aware of the difficulty and possible risks of treating physically and mentally-challenged patients, it has now produced several researches and resulted to innovative techniques practiced in sleep dentistry to better address these special dental concerns.

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Sleep dentistry offers dental solutions to people with special needs and other medical conditions. It has been proven as well that this solution is effective on people with communication disorders such as autistic children. In this method, the patient is situated in complete slumber state, where he is totally unaware of any happenings in his environment. Hence, the patient is numb during the dental procedure and eventually will not have any recall of it.

In choosing the right sleep dentist for your autistic child, it is better to be guided with the significant details about the procedure as it will lead you to finding the equipped and experienced sleep dentist that you need. Always take note that the basic determinants of the treatment plan is the patient’s needs and goals.  As a parent or guardian of a special child that needs dental accommodation, it is important for you to gather reference and information about it.

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