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January 17 2011

Dental Problems, Lead To Bad Breath

Various oral conditions can cause bad breath to occur. If you have these conditions, it is likely that treating them will cause the bad breath to be improved. The most common dental conditions that cause bad breath are periodontal disease and poor dental hygiene. By taking better care of your teeth and mouth in general, you may be able to get rid of your bad breath for good.

Proper Hygiene

The first and often times the most prominent problem with bad breath is poor dental hygiene. If you do not take the time to brush and floss properly, using products that will help to get rid of bacteria, food particles and bacteria remain in the mouth. This bacterial emits chemicals in the mouth, including hydrogen sulfide. This is the same type of compound found in rotten eggs, which is why bad breath often smells like rotten eggs.

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The bacterial chemicals will cause a sticky film that is colorless to form over the teeth. This is a form of plaque. If it is not removed through proper brushing, that plaque can lead to irritation of the gum line and eventually cause tooth decay. The problem can worsen, though. Over time, pockets of plaque will form in between the gums and the teeth. When this happens, the bad breath problem will worsen. This condition is called periodontitis.

Yet another dental problem that will cause bad breath is found on the tongue. The tongue contains various uneven surfaces. Each one of these can trap bacteria. The bacteria, which is not washed away, then releases chemicals and will cause bad breath to occur.

Also, if you do not remove and clean dentures properly, bacteria can build up there, too. Dentures that are not properly maintained can cause bad breath.

Getting Help

Now that you know that dental problems cause bad breath, what can you do about it? The first step is to simply treat the underlying problem: improve your dental hygiene. Products such as OraMD can help you to accomplish that because this product is able to kill bacteria that leads to bad breath. The key is to handle the dental conditions you have, too. If the conditions have become severe, a dentist appointment may be necessary to stop the bad breath from occurring. There are many ways you can overcome bad breath, but it all starts with improving your dental conditions and handling dental problems as soon as possible.