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May 19 2010

Dental Implements Contaminated With HIV Strains

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After much debacle a series of new inquiries into the case of an HIV positive dentist yielded results that supported the fact that he did not transmit the virus to his patients as earlier presumed. Only one physician is recorded to have transmitted HIV to his patients and the case of this other dentist is completely opposite from findings that resulted in the current issue. Go to this site for further information on orthodontics sydney.


The new study by the federal centers for disease control and this state’s health department used DNA sequencing to isolate the strain of HIV carried by the unidentified dentist. No similarities emerged from the DNA in the HIV strains contracted by the patient and by some of his patients.

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Each patient was determined to have contracted the HIV virus from other sources other than the dental clinic and even the unsanitary dental implants had no influence over the matter. All resulting information allowed some light to be shed on the situation. This proves that the risk of contracting infections from dentists is very low and because of this mandatory health checks are not needed.


One of the six patients infected by the first dentist started a crusade to give mandatory health assessment exams to physicians. A 30 year service record is pretty amazing but what is more remarkable about the second dentist is the time he attributed for indigents who had AIDS. The dentist died in a hospice after being infected with HIV for three years. You will gain a deeper understanding about teeth braces sydney by checking out that resource.


19% of the total patients he treated during his last five years as a practitioner received HIV tests and there were 24 of these people who also contracted the virus. Four others were identified through other means. People who have HIV usually develop behavioral risks and the study of the 28 patients delivered the results informing that 24 out of the 28 are susceptible. DNA sequencing of the viruses did not indicate, the dentist’s HIV and the patients’ were linked.


The dentist carried a different HIV strain as compared to his patients and this makes it even clearer that he could not have been the infection source. Findings resulted to a number of different strains of the virus and this means that each one of them was infected by independent sources. HIV sources included dental implements that the dentist may have had in contact with his blood or tissue resulting to transmissions.


With new evidence disputing earlier findings AIDS experts are confident that the fear for dental care will gradually be subdued. To further emphasize the value of the work being done by the center for disease control the director of the HIV sequence database and analysis project has faith in the strength of new research attempts. Continuous groundwork to get to the bottom of HIV strains is done by the quasi governmental organization but according to the group a case like this is more likely to happen once again as HIV continues to infect numerous populations today. Considering over 400 million patients and current efforts to promote safe practices the turn of events proves to be beneficial for the American dental profession.


Closing this case proved to be an important aspect that started much development in the dental industry beginning with more visible infection control procedures. The right to be informed becomes the primary argument for one of the prosecution lawyers in order to fight against the removal of mandatory testing for physicians as patients should not be falsely secured. A majority of people firmly believe that the dentist did transmit HIV to his patients and regardless of how the virus was transferred the bottom line is that public health services failed to protect innocent patients.