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December 23 2010

Dental Implants Portland – The Very Best in Worldwide Technology is Brought Home

Dental implants Portland and surrounding areas are changing lives of edentulous individuals, 1 individual at a time. The predictability of effective dental implant surgery is better than ever with the arrival of Cone Beam CT Scan “CBCT” technology. This technology paved the way for computer guided dental implant surgery.

One of the initial Cone beam CT scans has actually been unveiled in Portland, Oregon by Dental Dynamics PC. Dental Dynamics serves as a local general dental practice concentrating on providing the latest in dental innovation and technology in the aspects of implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and sedation dentistry.  Dental Dynamics is credited with the installation of the first and most accurate Cone Beam CT or “CBCT” scan technology of its kind “Prexion”.  Even though I-Cat was introduced a couple of months in advance of Prexion, Prexion has become regarded for supplying the most exact three dimensional images of virtually any CBCT in the industry.

“If a particular dental technology could greatly enhance our capability to help to make dental treatments more predictable, successful and comfortable for our patients, we’re going to definitely incorporate it straight into our methods.  We don’t let dental insurance and third party payers stipulate our choices when it comes to patient’s care. Our name was made on real enthusiasm and supplying dentistry to people who are expecting more and the best in quality. CBCT technology provides for much more effective dental implants in Portland. ” Doctor Saleh, General Dentist and President of Dental Dynamics PC.

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This CBCT technology provides for accurate planning and measurement of dental implants away from the nerves, veins, sinuses and other critical structures prior and during the actual surgical procedure.  This cuts down on the difficulties related to dental implant surgery.

Additionally this new technology provided the way for Computerized Implant Placement Surgery or Computer Guided Implant Placement with DICOM integrating file software.  Dentists utilizing computer guided implant placements can put dental implants in Portland and in other places, applying this technology safely and with much less complications than traditional methods and planning of dental implants Portland.

Dental Dynamics employs Computer Guided Implant Surgery or Computer Guided Dental Placement routinely. Dental implants in Portland are placed at Dental Dynamics in the following sequence:
1-    A CT scan is taken on the patient.
2-    The CT scan is uploaded to a dental implant placement computer software “ Simplant , Nobel Guide and Implant Logic software are very popular”
3-    The digital implant placement surgery is conducted where the implants are placed using the exact size, depth and length of implant staying away from all vital structures.   The program also enables the planning and simulation of the final restoration of the dental implant.
4-    The image is shipped to a dental laboratory where a surgical guide is produced with acrylic, which has a cautiously positioned cylindrical opening that directs the implant drill directly into similar directions. The depth and size of the implant is placed electronically using the pc.
5-    The surgical guide is utilized during the surgery to precisely put the implants. As a consequence of large degree of precision, Flapless “no gum tissue incision “can be utilized in certain instances making it possible for faster healing and less post-operative discomfort following surgical procedure.
6-    This technology in addition allowed for the manufacturing of the temporary or permanent restoration to be delivered in the same day. The procedure is known as Teeth-in-a-day which is patented by “Nobel Biocare“ a leading dental implant manufacturer.

Dental implants Portland by Dental Dynamics is aiding to affect the way we consider the dental implant surgery process. Implant dentistry in Portland, and the rest of the country, is customarily devoted to making use of Panoramic X-rays for the planning of the dental implant surgery in the great majority of situations. In certain practices this common technology continues to be utilised as a result of the initial high-cost investment of adding Cone Beam CT scan into the dental practice.  Panoramic X-rays inherently possess twenty five percent inaccuracy in the image which in turn means a much less predictable end result especially when numerous dental implant placements are planned simultaneously. The surgery process is beginning to change to a more comfortable and predictable implant placement surgery and ultimately a far more effective restorative end result.  Dental Dynamics in Portland has placed safety and precision paramount that permits them to ensure dental implant integration and success. Discover much more about this technology by going to Dental Dynamics. For a limited a period of time they’re providing a zero cost consultation which includes the CBCT scan analysis.