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January 04 2011

Dental implants need to be cared for

Dental implants provide a convenient, aesthetically pleasing and permanent solution to lost teeth, and have become a common procedure in cosmetic dentistry. There is no annoying pain to get used to in your mouth with implants because they are attached to the jaw bone, and will not move around inside your mouth. Since they are attached directly to the jawbone, they also help maintain bone growth where dentures often contribute to bone loss in the jaw. Free from the inconvenience of dentures, those who have received NYC dental implants consider them the same as having their own, natural teeth. 

Some people wonder if there is any special care for an implanted tooth. Under normal conditions, dental implants require no more care than your own teeth would. Regular brushing and flossing are vital to keeping the gums healthy, and regular visits to a general dentist in Allen, TX will ensure the mouth, gums, oral tissues and implants all remain healthy.

Other, more specific care guidelines depend on the type of implant. Some implants involve permanent prosthetics that are placed over abutments implanted in the gums. These abutments are permanently attached to the implants, which are embedded in the jawbone. These prosthetics can be stationary or removable depending on the patient’s needs. 

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Removable implants must be taken out of the mouth and carefully cleaned by brushing. The abutments within the mouth must also be brushed, as well as the gums. By stimulating the blood flow with brushing and flossing, you will help contribute to the overall good heath of your teeth and gums.

Permanent implants can be brushed just like natural teeth, but flossing and cleaning around the abutments is also an important part of regular care. There are still other dentists who will want to go that extra mile and recommend a special cleaning agent. In all cases, it is important to closely follow the directions supplied by the cosmetic dentist who placed the implants, since these instructions will be based on individual needs and concerns. A cosmetic dentist in West Chester, PA can provide additional information about specific procedures for dental implant care based on the type of implant and other individual factors.