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February 24 2011

Dental Health Now Benefits From Laser

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Rarely are people thrilled at the thought of visiting their dentists. Grief goes to dentists who face people with dental woes that could have been vetoed if they listened to their dentist’s advice even as the reasons are unfounded or founded through the years that have passed. Trust only technology to bring in terms like whisper jet micro air abrasion, drill free, and a favorite among many, pain free as it enters the dental field through the years past. Obtain further advice on laser dentists and the subject of dentistry.

The greatest new dental instrument is the laser. Such laser technology enables the person to enter into the gum pockets and remove any infected linings. Bacteria within the infected pockets can be eliminated with laser. For the patients, this would mean faster healing and less pain as this is combined with the normal root scaling process. It also means that a patient’s dental status can be maintained for longer periods of time.

In order to numb the mouth, a computer controlled anesthetic system using the wand is done which involves a topical anesthetic and a very small needle. Here, it is the computer controlling the amount of anesthesia and the rate of speed at which it is administered to the patient. The technology known as the micro air abrasion system enables doctors to remove beginning decay with no shots, no drills, and fillings that are about one fourth the size of traditional fillings too.

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Also with this laser, the dentist speeds up filling material to about 5 seconds against the time that it takes for it to cure on its own without any help which is about forty or more seconds. This laser also permits teeth bleaching to become a one trip process rather than involving several appointments just like before. On top of aiding dentists, this breakthrough also illuminates patients on the dental procedures as well as what they should expect from their trips to their dentists. Further your knowledge on dentistry at laser tooth whitening.

A computer known as Clinically Advanced Education System or simply CAESY can call up specific procedures for each patient with ease. The CDR, which is fully integrated with other computers in the building, enables the patient’s entire dental history to be entered into the computer. Here is where you shall find of all the patient’s pertinent records form the dental notes, restorative chart, photograph and the X ray taken minus the film.

Film less X rays mean patients are exposed to about 90 percent less radiation than in conventional X rays. Thanks to the intraoral camera, dentists now take detailed close up photos of the teeth of the people who come to them. As the photos of patient’s teeth which are enlarged, dentists are able to show the exact points where the decays are. As hygienists and dentists point out the weight of brushing and flossing, it becomes understandable that good dental hygiene goes beyond a pretty smile.

Data stating that periodontitis or gum disease is linked closely to cardiovascular disease has been released as of late. We can see that it is only today that the results are being discussed in fine detail when such research was done about a decade ago or more. What we lately come to is that there is a change in the paradigm, in that gum disease may have an effect on many systemic conditions, predominantly those that are multifactorial chronic conditions including conditions such as preterm pregnancy, diabetes and heart ailments. Our outlook on how oral disease interacts with systemic health changes dramatically.

For the many patients that need the standard procedures such as dental fillings, crowns or root canal, the new type of dental materials can be interesting. Great new advancements such as porcelain crowns, perhaps, have been made in dentistry that enable the people to have a great tooth and gum care they need, without the hideous metal look that sometimes escorts the method and this is great visually. A ton of the advances being made have to do with the way the finished product looks but never forget that the underlying theme remains the same which is making each procedure as efficient and pain free as it should be. We can all welcome pain free dentistry, it is here, and it’s here now thanks to such a magnificent breakthrough.