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June 06 2010

Dental Emergency Procedures without Dental Insurance


Find Emergency Dentists with AmeriPlan Dental Plan

Unless you have Insurance at the time of a dental emergency, insurance is ordinarily not an option. But there are options that will save you money and get you seen by a reliable Dentist when a painful dental emergecy occurs. Normally with a Discounted Dental Plan you are able to get in to see the Dentist within 24 hours in cases of dental emergencies.

How Dental Insurance works:

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Dental Discount Plans has been around for some time, but many consumers do not understand the difference between discounted plans and insurance. Dental Insurance costs can range from $50 to $150 per month depending on the services provided. When ever the insured patient visits the Dentist, the insuring company pays a portion of the bill, usually with a direct payment to the treating office. The insured client usually will have a deductible of $100 or more which must be paid out before the Insurance Company pays. After the deductible is paid, dental insurance companies usually pay 50-80% on preventative and restorative dentistry.

In the Dental Insurance Industry provisions included in the contracts typically exclude dental cosmetics and there may be waiting peried for certain costly dental procedues. On specific dental procedures the may be waiting periods. (eg dental crowns, roort canals). With Dental Insurance you have an annual cap on you visits and services. Without limits, exclusions and caps on the dental services the Dental Insurance Company would quickly go out of buisness.

An Easier Option:

An option for consumers is the Discounted Dental Plan. Certain companies are now jumping on board the dental discount wagon by offer these types of plans too. These discount plans cost less for the dental patient. The Discount Organization contracts with local Dentists to provide their services at a discounted rate.

What’s in it for a Dentist to give a discount for their services? Because the dental patient pays the same day the Dentist is willing to accept a discount fee. The Dental Discount Plan Patient pays at the time of service eliminated any dental insurance hassles. There is no paperwork. The advertising costs for the dental office are eliminated with because of the dental referral services provided by the dental plan company.

In most areas of the US, discount plan members can receive up to 80% on dental services. The amount depends on the procedure. Bottom line with these plans, the Dentist and member both win.

Solutions with AmeriPlan Dental Service:

1. Inquire into Discount Dental Plans with no waiting period.
2. Contact an AmeriPlan Dentist in your area for a visit.
3. If on the weekend and there are no other options, go to the pharmacy and purchase Ora-Gel for the tooth pain or get to the hospital AmeriPlan room if the pain in the teeth persists.

About the author: Bill Simms is a Benefits Specialist with AmeriPlan since 1997. For more information visit the link below or call 1-888-670-5190 Health Dental Insurance