Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

A positive first impression is important in life. A nice smile and white teeth make a first impression that can last a lifetime. It is no secret that teeth lose their whiteness as we age, and that can make for a bad impression. Hollywood celebrities know this and that's why... Read More

June 11 2011

Dental Disasters

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 Who doesn’t enjoy marveling at the impressive changes involving makeovers? Or simply, better yet, longing for their own? The good thing is that recently magnificent smiles, amongst other beauty-enhancing alternatives, aren’t limited to stars.

Notorious  cosmetic dentists, for instance like Dr. Debra Gray King who appeared on ABC’s Extreme Makeover and who was selected to feature her work, believe that the field of dentistry has developed into an opportunity for anyone from all avenues of life, thanks to technological advances and tv exposure. Also, we’re no longer from the past in which it was a long and complicated treatment that demanded hours involving prep work and some lengthy visits. Right now, it can be a very easy and more comfortable process, beneath the care of a highly experienced and trained cosmetic dental practitioner, of course.         

Sadly, that has certainly not been the outcome for many. Together with the boom around cosmetic dentistry came forth a rise in dental practitioners claiming knowledge on the issue. However, acquiring something so lasting, it might be wise to not rush into just any situation (or the least expensive one). A simple process on account of technical advancements does not promise expertise with the artistry of making a superb smile.

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So breaking it down:


-Don’t select the lowest priced dentist (the material would probably be low quality too!)

-Don’t visit the first one you stumble upon

-Don’t believe any references without seeing for yourself what he/she can do for you


-Make certain the Dr. is an accredited cosmetic dentist

-Ask to view portraits of actual patients

-Analize how much experience he/she has

-Invest more – keep in mind: inexpensive is not always better (specifically if you don’t want a re-do!)

Here’s why:

For some time, people have been discovering little by little, that troubles can happen when checking out an inexperienced or perhaps a poorly qualified dentist. “There are many days where we get patients in, having had porcelain veneers done elsewhere, who have spent thousands of dollars and are unhappy with the results, some of the more challenging cases can be redoing prior dental work.” says Dr.  King. Undoubtedly, when handling some thing so everlasting, it is no joking-matter; it’s not really like acquiring a wardrobe make-over!

Even information channels happen to be addressing the gravity of this specific topic. Discussing people’s increased curiosity in this issue, Dr. King stated: “CBS in Atlanta felt this was such an important topic to be aware of they recently interviewed one of our patients, Maria, who drove from North Carolina to have her veneers replaced here at our office. Maria was unhappy with her first experience and what the results were. She told CBS, ‘if I had to do it again I would have definitely researched it more.’ Because of our expertise, we see people from all over the country visit us to get the smile of their dreams.”


Consequently, although cosmetic dental work is now there for everyone, this doesn’t imply it will be created equal. Sadly, dentists who don’t deliver the particularly high skill level to create moderate or even better yet, state-of-the-art veneer cases, can easily consequently result in giving you some kind of less-than attractive outcome. In saying that though, you should shop around. Make a thought out selection on exactly who to check out simply by looking at his or her credentials in addition to experience. As soon as you have located the right place, it’s really beneficial to seek any possible way to guarantee a meeting together with the right cosmetic dentists, as opposed to going to Billy Bob down the street… especially when we intend on sporting the celebrity-like-smile forever!

Overall, cosmetic dental work is an fine art and the dentist should have a creative capacity in order to get the most beneficial results – an astounding, wholesome and genuine smile.