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April 12 2010

Dealing With Bruxism

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Men, women and children of all ages can develop bruxism and there are actually no known causes. There are actually no known causes of bruxism but there are a few things that doctors have found to be associated with the problem. When a person is overstressed it can affect them in numerous ways and even cause a condition like bruxism to develop.

When a person is under more stress than normal their bodies can react in a lot of negative ways, one being a grinding of their teeth during sleep. Although this is not a life threatening condition in most cases, it can be potentially dangerous not to mention a complete nuisance. Bruxism can cause chipped teeth, missing teeth, gum infections and more. As soon as the signs of bruxism are noticed that person needs to get in and talk to their doctor right away.

There are a few options for treatment that doctors may suggest depending on the severity of the condition. The first thing doctors focus on is assessing the level of stress in that person’s life and then figuring out the best possible way to deal with it effectively. Relaxation exercises like yoga and meditation work well and can be done easily in the morning or right before going to bed at night. Doing these even just a couple of times a week can help to calm the mind and this can be a benefit.

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For people who have experienced dental problems as a result of their bruxism, mouth guards are often recommended. This mouth guard will cover up the teeth and protect them from grinding teeth over the course of the night. Even anti anxiety medications are often prescribed to help people relax. Medication is rarely prescribed but can be used in more serious cases.

Muscle relaxants are often prescribed as these will help to loosen the muscle of the jaw before bed. If you think you or a person you know is affected by bruxism a doctor’s appointment should be made. They will be able to find the best treatment for you and your particular condition. Each instance of bruxism is different according to the individual.

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