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October 25 2010

Curing Toothache Pain

When a tooth goes bad, it can hurt so badly as to make thought impossible .  It’s amazing how much suffering one tooth or even one cavity can cause. The pain from the tooth itself along with headaches, jaw aches, and gum inflammation around the injured tooth  merge to create a state of absolute agony  . Adding insult to injury, it may be some time before a given tooth can be fixed on a permanent basis. It can seem impossible to keep your day to day life going while you’re waiting to get in to the dentist. Fortunately , there are a variety of temporary fixes you can use to keep going until you can see a dentist for a permanent procedure.

Whenever you’re trying to control tooth pain, it helps to know what causes it . Human dental enamel is one of the hardest substances in the world,  but our lifestyle and biology can still attack and even breach it . Tooth pain most often happens when this exterior enamel coating is breached by a cavity or a crack and something reaches in to set off the internal nerve.  An abscess around the root of the tooth can also cause lots of pain as it inflames the nerve on the way out of tooth.  Problems that cause pure nerve inflammation  , often caused by other diseases such as fibromyalgia, can also cause tooth pain.

The first option that most people turn to are prescription painkillers. Many doctors and dentists are willing to prescribe powerful short term pain relief to  help you get on with life till they can fix it permanently  . However, the vast majority of these prescription medications are part of the opiate family, meaning that they are derived from the opium poppy . Many modern narcotics are synthesized in laboratories instead of being drawn out of poppies directly anymore, but the chemical makeup is largely similar.  While most dental problems don’t last long enough to make narcotics addiction a real problem, it’s still something you’ll want to watch out for . 

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Other remedies that might help with toothache problems instead of or in conjunction with narcotic painkillers are available, of course. Oil of cloves has been used for centuries to help with toothache,  respected for both its local anesthetic and anti-infective effects  . Jamaica ginger is another substance that’s been quite helpful in the past, as have fresh garlic cloves .  The best way to use these things is often to put them on a small piece of clean cloth or a cotton ball and then packed on and around the tooth in question. A dual antibacterial throat lozenge normally meant for cough treatment may also help soothe an aching tooth if held near it.  Black tea bags, ground cayenne pepper and ground horseradish root applied to and around the tooth have also helped toothache sufferers .

Permanent cures for toothaches usually focus on curing whatever underlying cause is creating the toothache.   If the core problem is an abscess at the root of the tooth  , the only way to deal with it is to cure the infection. If a cavity is the issue,  then the standard practice of drill and fill is the best way to go  .  However, if infection or cavity decay has progressed far enough, you may have to drill out whole tooth and kill the nerve off, replacing the old fragile tooth with a new crown in a root canal procedure.  If you try to ignore tooth pain , the more pain and expense it will usually take to cure. If, on the other hand, the pain is being caused by internal nerve problems, such as is often found in fibromyalgia or malaria, then you’re obviously going to have to treat that underlying problem. Though permanent cures often take the most time and effort, they are the best way to take control of your life back and get tooth pain gone for good.