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May 21 2010

Cure Your Bad Breath With Aktiv K12

Aktiv K12 is a bad breath formula designed and scientifically proven to work to treat mouth odour. The idea behind Aktiv K12 is to use beneficial bacteria found in as little as 2% of the population to neutralize the bacteria that are causing bad breath. Because of this revolutionary solution to bad breath, Aktiv K12 from TheraBreath has established itself as the market leader in bad breath treatments.

TheraBreath Aktiv K12 Formula and Side Effects

The great thing about Aktiv K12 is that it is a product made from natural ingredients. The product is not chemically formulated or genetically modified. The helpful bacteria spoken about earlier in this bite are freeze-dried into a powder form that is then used to create their bad breath remedy.

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It is because of this process that the product has no adverse side effects. This is, of course, quite expected since TheraBreath Aktiv K12 is an all-natural product. Their is no need to be concerned about allergies or anything of that sort. Nor does one need to be worried about any side effects due to dairy substitutes. One general note though is for pregnant women in particular who should exercise caution and consult their physician before using this as a ongoing solution. Those choosing to use Aktiv K12 from TheraBreath need not be concerned about tooth decay but do note that like most mouthwash type products on the market, it is advised that children under the age of 3 years should not be allowed access to the product.

What is The Final Verdict?

According to tests and reviews, TheraBreath Aktiv K12 is quite effective in cleaning the entire mouth and even the throat. It is perfect for treating and eliminating that awful morning breath we all have to deal with in addition to helping with general bad breath odors. The product can even help in reducing the build-up of mucous and phlegm. Thus, even if TheraBreath Aktiv K12 costs more than the other brands for treating bad breath, it’s still the best value for your money.