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July 02 2010

Crazy USB Toothbrush Keeps Your Teeth Clean At Work

Too busy working to brush your teeth? It’s time you got a USB-powered electrical toothbrush. Dental implants Cleveland says this weird gadget doesn’t run on batteries. Simply connect it to your PC’s USB port and it’s ready to go.


The USB toothbrush is available at the ComSatellite 3 store in Japan and sells for $10.50. It comes with a two-week warrantee. Although the store says that the brush is a tool to clean your computing device, it looks a lot like an ordinary electric toothbrush and some people might mistake it for one.


There’s probably no harm if you use it to brush your teeth. Frankly, I don’t know anyone who’s too lazy to leave the computer to brush. Even my disabled friends til now have time to go to the bathroom for that authoritative ritual.

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Besides, think of the consequences if you decide to use a USB toothbrush. You’re likely to mess up your keyboard and your computer. Still, if you have a fascination for pretty weird stuff, then this product fits the bill.


Not to be outdone is the USB Inter-Oral Dental Camera. Plug this contraption in your PC and you can take pictures of your oral fissure in all its glory.


That’s right! This toothbrush-shaped device has a built-in camera that can magnify pictures up to 50 times. Four powerful LED lights and an auto focus feature see that you get clear, crisp pictures. It’s perfect for people with a fetish for teeth if you ask me.


“Put an end forever to the nightly question and reply game that you play with your kids about whether they’ve brushed their teeth. This 300,000 pixel USB Inter-Oral Dental Camera lets you explore the inner reaches of their teeth and see if they’ve been doing as good a job brushing as they say. One push auto capture ensures you’ll be able to take photographs of the evidence. Four white LEDs provide power to photograph where the sun doesn’t shine,” said the editors of GearDiary.Com.


The manufacturer claims the product can also be used to examine the skin, hair, machinery, coins, flowers, jewelry and insects. In the end, however, they say the product is not for medical use. Except for dentists and dental students, I don’t know anyone who collects pictures of their teeth. Do you?


From the creative (or twisted?) mind of Brazilian industrial designer Fabio Dabori comes another strange toothbrush. Dabon wants to make brushing an enjoyable experience for the young and old alike. To entice more people to brush, he came up with Giro Sponge Toothbrush that looks like a toy interpretation of a car wax applicator.


as an alternative of having bristles, this electric toothbrush has a small soft round sponge that can be used on babies and adults with sensitive teeth. To attract youngsters, the rotating replaceable heads come in several cute designs. Expect the product to hit the stores soon. Dabori thinks it will be a hit with kids. mayhap it will if they use it to polish their bicycles!


The folks at PatentlySilly.Com tell us that there is a patent for a Brushing demeanour Reinforcement Toothbrush and Enclosed Electronic Game business deal with Grid. In layman’s terms, this odd toothbrush has a tiny LCD game for kids that starts when you brush correctly.


I don’t know about you. But in this age of computer games and with the PlayStation around, who on earth would want to play a game on a toothbrush?  The eyestrain and concern this product will cause is enough to convince me not to brush my teeth!