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February 02 2010

Cosmetic Dentistry (Tooth Bonding) during Pregnancy

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I remember I hated looking at the mirror when I was pregnant because I was pretty disappointed looking at my fat face, huge arms, and loud tummy. I wasn’t even up to putting up a smile in front of a camera because I felt like my teeth were miles apart. I was apprehensive about consulting a dentist because it might harm my little baby. I stayed home  most of the time and continued to feel bad about how I look.

So, one day, I decided to try to at least look good. I made an appointment with a cosmetic dentist to check on my chances of having a beautiful smile. I told the cosmetic dentist I was 5 months pregnant. I told him I what I wanted – to welcome my baby with a big, warm smile.

The cosmetic dentist gave me an option of going through a tooth bonding. Tooth bonding is a cosmetic dentistry technique that is applied directly to the tooth and cured to its final hardness, usually with a light. It is made of particles like silicon dioxide or quartz, bound with a tough synthetic resin to close gaps or get rid of spots, chips, and discolorations and repair of a broken tooth. Since I was pregnant, I asked for the risks involved and if I needed to be sedated or injected with anesthesia. There is no need to administer anesthesia since the composite is applied only on the surface of the tooth. Once the material has hardened and bonded on the enamel with a particular high-intensity light, it will be polished, making the crack or chip unseen.

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Tooth bonding procedure depends on how extensive the work is. If it is just a simple bonding procedure, you may spend a couple of hours in your cosmetic doctor’s clinic. It is always better to make an appointment first before going through the whole procedure since you would be sitting down waiting for your turn (and we all know how uncomfortable it is for pregnant women to be waiting and sitting down for a long time). It is also important to ask your cosmetic dentist if you need to come back for a follow up.

As a general rule, the first trimester is the most sensitive phase of pregnancy.It would be better to have a tooth bonding procedure done a few weeks into the second trimester. However, the stress of dental procedure because a concern as one nears her due date so any procedure that can wait after the baby is born is put to a hold. For emergency dental work, such as an infected tooth, the procedure should be done so as possible to lessen the chances of harming the baby.

I had the procedure done at the Parker CO dentist’s clinic that same week. I was excited to see my bonded teeth. Now I can go out without having to worry about smiling all the time. I can spend more time shopping for baby clothes and stuff than staying home and feeling bad about myself.