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May 20 2011

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help Raise Your Self-Esteem

When meeting someone for the first time, our minds tend to make immediate judgments based on an individual’s actual physical features first. The digesting of intangibles such as attitude, posture, perceived self confidence, etc., occurs after the first impression has already been formed. Few facial characteristics make a first impression as strongly as a winning smile. At the same time, the number of cases of lower self esteem due to imperfect smiles has grown over the last several years. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry has made great progress in recent years.

Allowing real or perceived flaws, staining, gaps, overbites or missing teeth to inhibit smiling can lead to others forming gross misconceptions regarding one’s personality. People that have low self worth who won’t smile because of dental defects, when meeting or greeting people, can be perceived of as unfriendly, cool, or aloof. Cosmetic dental procedures can correct many imperfections, some quite easily and inexpensively.

Most well rounded family dental services offer a number of procedures remedy almost any type of imperfection. The easiest, quickest, and most common is the new Zoom tooth whitening process, which combines a special light with a gentle gel to break down stains and give a new white shine to your teeth. Taking approximately one hour, this procedure should not be used on children under the age of thirteen or on expecting mothers. It is, however, completely safe and very effective for almost everyone else.
Other cosmetic procedures include teeth straightening with Invisalign clear plastic trays which are fast replacing old-fashioned metal braces. These take upward of a year of bi-weekly tray-changes to complete the job, but are almost imperceptible.

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For cracked or cracked teeth or those with spaces or discolorations, bonding may be the answer. Taking less than an hour, the bonding process is comparatively inexpensive and does not damage the original teeth. Veneers are also permanent covers which can correct the appearance of spaces, stains, uneven or broken teeth and can usually be applied in only two visits to your dentist.

Missing teeth can be replaced by bridges or implants, and might fill in for one to five or more teeth. Although different age groups might require different treatments, dental practitioners have techniques that can enhance the smile of virtually any person at any stage of life.
Unlike in years past, most regular dental practices are now able to assist with cosmetic dental work. A few of the more complicated procedures might require sedation dentistry to allow the patient optimum comfort during the process, but most people are invariably delighted with the outcome.

Considering that the result of cosmetic dentistry can majorly boost one’s self esteem, and may therefore be life altering for some individuals, it’s a shame that most insurance packages don’t cover this type of work, but many family dentists will work out a repayment plan to suit their patients’ finances. Nobody should be lacking a nice-looking smile because of cost, and with the help of a sympathetic practitioner, anyone can smile with confidence now.

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