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October 31 2010

Cosmetic Dentistry – What you need to Know about It

Concerning about cosmetic dentistry , this is a special branch of science specifically dental medicine that deals with procedures and or any kinds of treatment to help correct or revamp damage unhealthy teeth and gums. A cosmetic dentist is the individual in-charge in doing these types of procedures.

Cosmetic dentistry is the last option for people who wants to have a nice beautiful smile but their physical condition hinders them to have it so  . If you are born with dental ailments or abnormalities, damaged your teeth on the way , calling a cosmetic dentist will make your smile glowing and striking once again .

However before you indulge on this up to date beautification process , remember that cosmetic dentistry needs not only financial support but in depth understanding of the process as well . Most of the time your cosmetic dentist will noy explain all procedures and raise all questions concerning the process of cosmetic dentistry so reading this list below will ensure top knowledge and info about this one of a kind dental beautification process of today .

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1.  How to find the right cosmetic dentist – forever and a day bear in mind that choosing the right and suitable cosmetic dentist is very crucial to make the procedure successful . Remember that you must choose a cosmetic dentist who has undergone paramount tranings and classes concerning cosmetic dentistry. He or she should also be licensed and qualified to practice the said profession .

2.  How to determine if you’re a good candidate – there is only one person who can verify if you can undergo cosmetic dentistry procedures or not and that is your cosmetic dentist. No magazine, TV, commercial or even a friend can dictate whether you can go with the procedure or not .

3.  Is it covered by your insurance policy – most cosmetic dental procedures are not needed therefore many of them are not covered by health insurances, however, it is wise to talk to your cosmetic dentist first to discuss your options concerning the coverage of your health plan.

4.  Is funding possible on cosmetic dentistry – the fact that these types of procedures can be as high as thousand dollars down to hundreds , financing is being offered by most cosmetic dentist. Special considerations can be prearranged by your cosmetic dentist so ask? about the pricing first before letting them do the job .

5.  How white veneers, crowns, caps or bridges can be – you cannot go too white on these things as they need to be correctly matched based on the natural color of your teeth . Too white fillers can be noticeable making it so artificial rather than natural .

6.  How can bonding beautify your teeth – this process is used by many cosmetic dentist to fixed damaged and troubled teeth . Bonding is perfect for decayed or chipped teeth making the imperfection truly unnoticeable.

7.  What are the options when replacing nonexistent teeth – implants and bridges are the two most popular options with regards to missing teeth . Your cosmetic dentist will conduct several diagnostic procedures first to better determine which option will work best based from the situation of your teeth .

8.  How to correct jagged teeth – practically a Bristol dentist will use a sanding disc to revamp jagged or uneven teeth. This is usually done with no anesthesia and dramatic results can be achieved immediately .

9.  How inlays work – should your cosmetic dentist find your teeth chipped or damaged, the most common suggestion will be tooth inlay. This is mainly done by gluing porcelain or ceramic fillers into the teeth using a special adhesive compound.

10.  What is the difference between DDS and DMD – DDS means Doctor of Dental Surgery while DMD means Doctor of Dental Medicine.

  Keep in mind these vital facts about cosmetic dentistry and the next time you visit your cosmetic dentist, don’t be afraid to ask questions as this will clarify queries and concerns .