Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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March 29 2011

Confident Smile of Zoom Whitening

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There is an existing demand for teeth whitening in the world. A brighter shade of teeth can match the complexionÕs color and gives a shinier personality too. There are many products to decide on and each is different by its use and efficiency. These are do-it-yourself home kits that take several weeks to achieve that white teeth while some are sore and tender.  One of the best products in the market now is the chair side conducted by dental specialist and Zoom is one of them.   Zoom whitening is confirmed to be the best cosmetic teeth method today. ~ Teeth whitening is proven to be the top cosmetic teeth procedure today. The question isnÕt about if this is really the best product but its how do you choose the best dentist to do your teeth whitening.
Zoom Facts
Zoom is a bleaching method that decreases your blemish dilemmas with caffeine, tea, red wine, cola and smoking. Some antibiotics are also proven to give a yellowish brown discolor on your teeth too.
Safety-  Teeth Zoom whitening has proven to be reliable and successful through by intensive research and clinical studies. It was well thought out by many dentists that Zoom is one of the safest cosmetics procedures today. It starts with covering your lips, gums and mouth from the solution and Zoom bleaching light. The dentist will now bleach your teeth for 15 minutes and will be repeated 3 times. I just 45 minutes, youÕre done! So there is really nothing to worry about.
Chmicals used –  Zoom uses hydrogen-peroxide mixture to the solution. The mixture composes of 2 individual components that are mixed to create the formula. The application has a pH in the range of 7.5 and 9 with a 25 percent concentration of hydrogen peroxide. After which, the hydrogen peroxide will be eliminated and oxygen will go inside the enamel and dentin that will result to a whiter teeth.    
Confirmation of Results?
Not everyone who tries this whitening procedure will get the same result. Darker teeth is said to have whiter results than lighter discoloration. The whitening of the teeth is not permanent because of the lifestyle and its own structure.

The common price of a Zoom procedure is $400 but it still depends on the dentist. It may not look cheap but worth every buck that you spend.