Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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October 12 2009

Comparing Do-It-Yourself Teeth Bleaching And Dentist Teeth Whitening

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Teeth lightening is needed because tiny cranks and fissures are molded in the teeth enamel layer after years of unceasing chewing and meshing of our teeth. When little food particles seep into these fissures and pass through the underlying dentin layer, the teeth coat will look yellowed and dull to the naked eye. Aside from food, the biggest culprits to making dirtying white teeth are typically cigarette smoke and acid-forming and colored beverages such as red wine, coffee, soft drinks, fruit juices and the likes.

The great thing is that there is to be shy or let your discolored teeth have a negative impact on your social life and self respect. There are so many working teeth lightening picks ready that can aid many of us get back our pearly bright light smiles. For example, you can choose to pay a visit to a tooth doctor for certain laser teeth stripping or acquire home tooth whitening solutions such as mouthpieces, abrasive based tooth pastes, bleaching strips and gels, and many more.

Consequently, which teeth whitening product or procedure must you choose? Most options would involve a carbide peroxide based bleaching gel. For example, the laser teeth treatments involve the dentist applying a teeth gel while DIY at home whitening strips from Crest are preloaded with peroxide gels.

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The major difference is that teeth whitening products sold over the counter only contain limited strength between 10% and 25% of carbide peroxide as compared with those made of use by dentists which can contain up to 45% bleaching agent. This is because there are side effects and risks involved such as over bleaching, gum burns, and teeth sensitivity when there is a lot of hydrogen peroxide left on our teeth. That is the high concentration teeth whitening are best left to the trained and veteran dentists.

When teeth gel is utilized, the number one problem is your saliva diluting it and washing it off the teeth surface. A teeth tray is useful here to cover up the teeth during the whitening process and ensure the bleaching gel is constantly in touch with the teeth. Dentist bleaching procedures habitually involve making a mold of your teeth so that a prescription teeth tray is made for the above purpose. Most off the shelf OTC tooth lightening kits only come with a universal mouth piece so they tend to fit badly. The result is often gum discomfort because you try too hard to squeeze into them or irregular teeth bleaching because the gel may leak out from some parts of your teeth.

If you desire to get a light smile quickly, in-office dental practitioner whitening procedures are the best option because the prescription based teeth gel contains a higher carbide peroxide concentration. There are also specialized cool laser equipment that can be utilized to quicken the teeth whitening process. Most in-office procedures could be completed within 60 minutes, and most of the time, an average case requires no more than four sessions to achieve the pearly white brighter smile. If you have sensitive teeth or existing gum troubles, then all the more you should have your tooth whitening done by a dentist.

If you do not want to spend a lot on getting a fantastic smile, you could try at home DIY tooth bleaching products that usually cost no more than $50. They tend to work more slowly so anticipate several {days} of usage before you could see noticeable improvements in your teeth color.

In comparison, an in-office process costs a lot more than that of Do-It-Youself over the counter whitening. Average costs range between three hundred dollars and ,000 for professional tooth doctor laser teeth whitening, while acquiring a set of customized teeth trays usually costs approximately $200.

Learn more about Peroxide Teeth Bleaching because it’s one of the most popular methods for Teeth Whitening currently at the market.