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January 12 2010

Common Reasons Why Gums Bleed

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Bleeding gums is common for the millions of Americans who are experiencing gum problems. Amongst these gum problems are gingivitis and periodontal disease. Most of the time, it is the result of the improper removal of plaques in the gum line. There are some other serious medical conditions associated with the gums bleeding such as diabetes, leukemia, platelet disorders, heart disease and pancreatic cancer. There is a need to undergo checkup at first sign of bleeding gums so dentists may be able to know what is causing it. If the result isn’t as severe, the patient may undergo minor treatments such as dental cleaning. If the doctor was able to determine that it is something related to a more serious case, preventive measures are done.

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Gingivitis is characterized by swelling of the gums. When bacteria build up happens in the gum line, it causes irritation. Periodontitis is the next stage after gingivitis. It ultimately results to loss of teeth. If gingivitis is more into plaque building, periodontitis on the other hand is described as the loss of the bone holding the teeth on the jaws. These two conditions commonly indicate that a person is going through a periodontal disease. Adults are the ones who experience this the most. Two of the biggest threats to dental health are tooth decay and periodontal disease.


There are signs which indicate a person is having a periodontal disease. Amongst these are: having a bad breath or bad taste which are hard to get rid of, swollen and bleeding gums, difficulty in chewing, sensitive teeth, gums which are unusually unattached to the wall of the teeth, unstable fitting of the teeth whenever biting and unstable fitting of partial dentures. Smoking, diabetes, poor oral hygiene and stress are amongst the reason of the increased risk of periodontal disease.  There are prevention and treatment for people going through this disease. They are advised to at least visit their dentists at least once or twice a year for dental cleaning. Daily oral hygiene is also advised. Whenever a person brushes or flosses, it decreases the possibility of bacteria build up in the mouth.


Two of the indicators of diabetes are bad breath and bleeding gums. This is because people with diabetes tend to have more harmful proteins in their gingival tissue. This causes irritation of the gums. Collagen is important to gums, skins, tendons, cartilage and bones. But people with diabetes tend to loose collagen in their gum tissue which makes them an easy target of periodontal disease.


Organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, together with the American Academy of Periodontology and American Dental Association are aiming to maintain and advance monitoring of the periodontal disease among the American population. These agencies are working hard to promote a common benefit. The different studies they do are important to discover specific breakthroughs which could be a solution to an ongoing oral condition.


Bleeding gums are easy to be cured but there could be more to it. A quick visit to your dentist won’t hurt.  


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