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March 29 2010

Clear Braces - What a Great Choice!

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Clear Braces Orlando FL | Clear Braces - What a Great Choice!

Now that you have decided to have your smile straightened by having orthodontic braces put on your teeth, clear braces are certainly an excellent choice.

There are many great reasons to go for clear braces over their more visible metallic counterparts.

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The first great reason to choose a clear brace instead of metallic is the obvious one – clear braces is nearly invisible on your teeth.

Another great reason to look at clear braces is the variety of brands available and the various features available with each of the brands.  There are at least six brands available in the United States at this time.

Strength of Material used in Braces that are Ceramic

One of the characteristics of clear braces is the material that they are made of.  Most of the brands make their braces out of a crystalline ceramic material that is very strong and clear.

The ceramic material and the bonding agent used to affix the braces to the teeth combine to form a stronger, tougher bond than any metallic brace to tooth bond.

Because of the strength of the ceramic material, the design of the clear braces can be somewhat smaller, more compact and lighter.  These design features provide the wearer with a more comfortable wearing experience and adds to the less visible profile of clear braces.

Comfort Factors of Ceramic Braces

Some clear braces use ligatures (the little rubber bands used to apply tension to the arch wires) like standard metal braces.  Some clear braces are designed to be self-ligating.  Self-ligating braces allow your orthodontist to use light gliding forces on your teeth during treatment.  This helps make your treatment experience much more comfortable.

Self-ligating clear braces help your doctor design a new and improved smile for you with fewer appointments and less adjustment discomfort.

Another great feature of self-ligating braces is that you can get your teeth cleaner during treatment.  Not having those little plaque attracting rubber bands on your braces helps you get to places on each tooth with your toothbrush that you can’t get to with typical ligating braces on your teeth.

Taking the Clear Ceramic Braces Off

When your new smile is all done the clear ceramic braces come off your teeth easier than metal attachments.  This adds yet another element of comfort to your treatment experience.

If we were to sum up all the positive points of the choice of clear braces, we would have to say that clear braces provide the patient with a translucent, smooth, compact, lightweight attachment that is more cosmetic than standard metal braces.  The self-ligating types of braces afford the patient the latest of technology that helps cut down on treatment time and adjustment discomfort.