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March 18 2012

Ceasing Gum Conditions Such As Periodontal Disease

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How can you tell you have gum problem for instance periodontal disease (periodontitis)? Gum diseases are recognizable when they started surfacing to your mouth.  The first thing that you will feel is the inflammation in your oral cavity.  Taking a look at the mirror your gums are inflamed and feels tender to touch.  Your gums turn out to be too sensitive, consequently you can no longer consume properly because of the agonizing pain that you are feeling in your oral cavity. Next, your gums bleed.  Everytime you brush your teeth as well as gargle anti-septic mouthwash your gums begin to bleed.  This is due to the sensitivity of your gums.

Thirdly, you have persistent smelly breath. You will notice that men and women you know are staying away from you. This is as a result of bad odor each and every time you open your oral cavity. This can be very annoying as well as depressing on your part.  Regardless of how often you brush your teeth the odor is still there.  There is a big possibility that folks who noticed your condition will talk behind your back.

Fourth sign of periodontal disease is receding gums. Looking at the mirror you will see the roots of your teeth are actually exposed.  Moreover, in case receding gums worsen, there’s a big tendency that you will lose your teeth. Thus, this can be extremely awkward on your part.  All these are indicators of periodontitis or periodontal disease.

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You don’t have to worry though because there is available periodontal disease treatment.  Two of the conventional means of treating periodontitis are scaling and root planing.  The process requires thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums.  The process is old fashion; however, it is very efficient. Additionally, if your periodontitis has gone severe, then these two are used as an initial procedure for surgery.

However, when you undergo periodontitis treatment there’s a great possibility that you’ll face post surgery experience; most of the time it is a painful or distressing experience for patients. This is the reason why most professional dental professional diagnoses the gum disease thoroughly before suggesting any surgery.

Thus, it is best to take good care of your teeth while it’s still healthy.  In addition, it would significantly help if you practice brushing your teeth twice daily. It prevents the growth of undesirable bacteria in your oral cavity.  It’s also a good idea that you schedule a regular visit with a competent dentist.