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January 26 2010

Can Dentures Really Cause Bad Breath?

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Many  have this false notion that dentures of whatever kind cause bad breath.
I really want to know what happens with denture wearers that make them think that it is really the denture which causes the undesirable odor. Therabreath might be a helpful solution. I have talked to actual denture patients – and whatever kind they are wearing, fixed or removable, partial or complete – they all have the same complaints. 

I sometimes wonder what materials these dentures use, maybe they are the reason for the malodor.  It could be the plastic that they use because plastic denture wearers complain about it as much as the porcelain denture wearers.

Dentists advise to taking off removable dentures at night and soaking them in a denture bath.  That way, you are giving time for your gums to breathe and rest while washing off your dentures from long hours of use.  Upon research  I found out that it is not about the denture – a big part of it is patient hygiene.  Perhaps the essential oils of Oramd could help?  With better understanding, patients should do better.

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The problem about hygiene already exists and it worsens with the denture being a hindrance in thorough cleansing. Dentures becomes a hindrance but it doesn’t imply that it is directly causing bad breath.  It is not because of a specific material they use in the denture but more of in the way that a person is doing his hygienic practices. Maybe a good oral irrigator, such as the hydro floss will be helpful.   In my research I have found out that even if you are wearing complete dentures, you are expected to be extra cautious of your hygiene. 

You may have no teeth left but you still have your gums to take care of.

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