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April 21 2011

Books Sell; Brochures Don’t

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One thing I cited while working in dental marketing is that a brochure is a brochure, is a brochure, is a brochure, is a brochure. It is a flyer that talks about YOU and it is designed for you.

Chances are your brochure will be if no use and be thrown away.

How do you differentiate your brochure or information package from the sea of brochures and information packages out there?

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A book is the answer.

A book is a book, is a book, and is infinitely more believed at all times.

A book is never a brochure – and it leaves such a deep impression about YOU that the recipient of this book will remember you for a long, long time to come.

Ok, you have heard that “professors better publish or they will perish”, right?

Ok so what is the point?

Here are some ways to utilize your book as a promo piece or brochure:

  • Create a book that reaches a large amount of people or groups. Do not necessarily limit yourself to targeting a single audience.
  • You make it a best seller – this can be done with almost 100% certainty using specific marketing techniques. Correct book marketing strategies will accomplish this for you within 3 months. (Visit
  • You use it as a brochure to potential patients (they will love it even more if it is a best seller). You will get higher IQ healthier patients, quality new patients which many doctors or dentists need and want in their practice.
  • You recruit (sell) other businesses, large, and small, to use your book as a gift item, or as a health guide or as a motivational item, or as a employee recruiting tool, depending on your book type. If you are a Cosmetic Surgeon you may want to synergize with dental advertising.

     If a patient wants a face lift they may as well want veneers or teeth whitening.

  • Using other media such as TV and radio can increase your exposure and credibility, and will without a doubt increase your business and profits.

By selling your book to other companies or associations, it will impact readers and your patients, who will in turn purchase other products you suggest, which can become a never ending cycle of revenue.

Imagine being paid for your book (the very best brochure ever created) to be distributed to thousands people who are potential patients.

As this article is too short for me to give you all the details needed, you can go to to get the rest of the details.

Remember, do not necessarily limit your book to information about your chosen profession because you do want the general reader to be interested. Find ways to include different areas or professions to your general argument.

Once more, having a book is not about making a lot of money because you sell so many books, but about creating fame, and literally unlimited new businesses as well as a repeat business and long term future income in many, many different arenas, no different than what an Olympic champion will have AFTER he has won the title!

Remember: Whether you are a dentist trying to get ahead in your dental practice management or a lawyer who wants to be more well-known, writing a book makes you an ‘expert’ in your field.