Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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October 06 2011

Bleaching Your Teeth With The Appropriate San Diego Cosmetic Dentist

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The natural aging process is what brings discolored or brownish stains to your teeth. People mostly in their 40’s and also 50’s are the worst victims as teeth staining intensify at that age. Conversely, teeth discoloration is mainly caused due to intake of food. The worst portion is it doesn’t have an age barrier. Anyone discovered with irregular brushing or flossing habits can well see their teeth obtaining badly discolored within days. Substances such as carrot, cola, tea, coffee, red wine, oranges and also other dark fruits and beverages may cause enormous staining, if not treated on time by a excellent San Diego Cosmetic Dentist.  

Lately, there has been a immense surge in the number of smokers. Smoking not only causes cancer but it also causes spots within the gums along with rapid staining of teeth. Nicotine sinks into the oral cavity causing the enamel to corrode away their by creating stains on the teeth. The worst part is which, the effect stays just for long even if you do leave smoking. The only way you actually might sort this issue is via a dental cosmetic surgery. These days, cosmetic therapy from a professional San Diego Cosmetic Dentist would only cost a few hundred dollars, but then it is well worth every penny as your teeth will be as excellent as brand new along with your overall oral hygiene. 

There are many methods of approach that a San Diego Cosmetic Dentist may adopt; anything depends on your budget. For a less expensive job you might go just for teeth whitening using a high-concentration peroxide solution that is applied and also left for at least 15-20 minutes. Although you will have sizeable color change, but immovable spots will take more than 3 visits to remove. The very best component about this therapy is, you might buy the solution from shelves and take it back home and use it on your own. Although for ideal outcomes, it is advisable to find it applied by a professional dentist. 

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Laser whitening is another choice you actually can opt for. Though it is quite expensive, you’ll obtain far cleaner results in this. Here your San Diego Cosmetic Dentist will apply a special gel which will be further activated through the laser. The entire course of action doesn’t take a great deal time as well as you’ll find brilliant teeth lightening. 

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