Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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September 13 2011

Bleaching Darkened Teeth

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There are certain physical characteristics of a person that would usually get other’s attention. These attributes may either be good or bad ones. When people look at somebody talking, the tendency is for them to focus on the face. When that person parts his lips to talk, the people looking at him would drift their gaze towards the direction of that facial feature. Afterward, they would notice those whitish bony objects used primarily for chewing and biting. If those bony objects are dark, the person who owns them wouldn’t be so confident in opening his mouth even if there’s a need to. If you’re caught in the same dilemma, worry not because there is a solution for it called teeth bleaching.

    This dental procedure is intended to whiten tooth that is stained. Normally, a child’s set of baby teeth are whiter than the subsequent adult set. As a person grows older, changes in the mineral structure of a tooth make it dark. The stain also be caused by bacterial pigments, certain food and liquid types like red wine and tea. Tobacco is also one of the main culprits that contribute to its darkening. Certain antibiotics can also cause stains or diminish the brilliance of the enamel.

    If you want to get into a teeth bleaching procedure, the first thing to do is see your dentist and have yourself scheduled for a check-up and cleaning. Before the procedure can be performed, surface stains have to taken out first to attain the best results. Your dentist can then decide if you’re a good candidate for the procedure.

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    There are different ways to make a tooth whiter. Some over-the-counter products can be effective but the effects may last only for a short time. For a longer-lasting solution, there are innovations in technology now that dentists make use of that have permanent effects. There are some procedures that can be done in about 45 minutes and are pain-free.

    When the teeth bleaching treatment is over, the challenge then would be maintaining the whiteness.  For the results to be more permanent, stay away from or minimize consumption of stain-causing food and beverages and remember to brush and floss regularly.