Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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Finding The Best Whitening Toothpaste

crest vivid whiteTooth whitening products are easily available at your local grocery store or drug store and there are an abundance of products that will help whitening your teeth and improve your smile.  One of the more popular products that is easy to fit into your daily routine is whitening toothpaste.

How Whitening Toothpaste Works

Tooth whitening products usually accomplish improvement in the color of teeth by either bleaching or removal of stains from the teeth by abrasive techniques.  Products like whitening strips actually use a low level of bleaching product – usually hydrogen peroxide – that is placed on the teeth for an extended period of time, which results in the teeth becoming whiter, similar to how you use bleach on clothing to make white clothes whiter.

The other teeth whitening techniques use abrasives that are used to gently scrape discoloration and stains off the surface of the teeth.  This is what whitening toothpaste uses to accomplish tooth whitening.  Abrasive agents are included in the toothpaste, like silica or calcium carbonate.  As this is scrubbed against the teeth, stains are lifted and washed away.  With regular use of a whitening toothpaste, teeth slowly become whiter.

Popular Brands

There are many different brands of tooth whitening toothpaste available on the market today.  They range in price from extremely expensive to relatively inexpensive.  The most expensive is Rembrantdt and the least expensive is or Crest or Colgate teeth whitening  toothpaste.  However, what you pay for whitening toothpaste does not necessarily reflect its effectiveness or that it will be the best product available.

Clearly, the more abrasive a toothpaste is the more potential it has to remove teeth stains with regular use.   The American Dental Association rates the abrasiveness of whitening toothpastes.  The least abrasive toothpastes are sensitivity toothpastes and children’s toothpastes.  The most abrasive are Arm & Hammer PM and Colgate Tarter Control.  Surprisingly, toothpastes that are marketed as tooth whitening fall In the middle of abrasiveness ratings.

Dangers of Overuse

Like most things in life, moderation is the key to happiness and the use tooth whitening toothpaste is no different.  Since toothpaste is largely abrasive by its very nature, overly zealous brushing can result in damage to the top layer of tooth enamel.  Using an abrasive toothpaste and brushing too hard can actually result in unsightly and damaging ridges being cut into tooth enamel.


If you already have sensitive teeth, then choose a toothpaste that is moderately abrasiveness  and for sensitive teeth.   Also, consider alternating between a whitening toothpaste and a regular toothpaste.

Use a fluoride toothpaste to help build tooth enamel and protect your teeth.  Choose a toothpaste that is ADA approved and has the ADA seal of approval.

Use a softer toothbrush.  Even though you want to clean your teeth very well, a whitening toothpaste is already abrasive.  Instead of using a hard brush and pressing down aggressively against your teeth, use a softer brush and moderate pressure against the teeth.

Finally, visit your dentist regularly.  Not all tooth discoloration is due to drinking liquids like soda, coffee or tea or eating foods that can discolor your teeth.  Your dentist can help determine the cause of tooth discoloration and make recommendations for solutions.