Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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February 13 2011

Best Teeth Whitening Procedures that exist in the market

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Teeth whitening procedures are becoming more and more popular these days. Many people are opting for them to improve the smile. Stained and discolored teeth can completely ruin your smile and look. We place a lot of importance on beauty. Whitening procedures have become more accessible and easily available today. You don’t even have to visit the dentist now — you can just purchase an at-home whitening kit and do the procedure yourself. Teeth whitening procedures are very secure and at the same time provide beneficial results.

Many different types of whitening products are accessible in the market today. Dentists also execute different types of whitening procedures. The main difference between these procedures and products is the type of bleaching agent used. This is what makes for the differences in quality. The procedures performed at the dental clinic are usually more effective when compared to at-home whitening products. This is because dentists use higher concentrations of bleaching agents. The concentration of bleaching agents found in at-home teeth whitening kits is very low and so effective results are not so openly evident. However, they are a cheaper and can be tried without any side effects. Giving them a try is worth the money.

The basic principle involved behind teeth whitening procedures is very simple. The bleaching agent is applied over the teeth and allowed to stay for some time. Teeth get discolored because of formation of stains in the pores of the enamel layer. The bleaching agents penetrate the pores and destroy the stains hidden there. Thus the normal color of the teeth is restored.

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Thanks to new developments in the field of dentistry, better whitening methods are becoming available today. Of all the whitening techniques, laser whitening is the most efficient. As the name indicates, it uses energy from a laser beam to whiten the teeth. It is quite similar to conventional whitening techniques but uses a laser beam. The bleaching agent used in laser whitening is light-sensitive. It absorbs energy from the laser beam, dissociates and bleaches the teeth. Laser whitening is currently the best whitening procedure.

If you’re thinking of a lightening procedure, it is finest to go for laser lightening. It can be small costly, but the benefits are much better. In various words, it is the greatest procedures obtainable the market today.